Fall Cleanup 2015

Each year as the summer season comes to a close, area visitors and locals make it a point to help clean up the beaches and waterways.

This year, Edisto Pride is hosting its annual fall clean up at 9 a.m. September 19 at beach access one, which is right beside Finn’s Restaurant (or the Pavilion, as it is still known to the old schoolers out there).

Paperwork for all volunteers can be turned in at the Edisto Beach State Park Shelter House #1. Remember to sign up to receive directions on where and what to clean up from the beach.

While Edisto Beach is relatively clean at all times, on the last beach sweep the groups volunteering were able to collect 65 bags worth of trash from the beach. These items included cigarettes, wrappers, beverage cans, glass bottles, foam, assorted toys, sunglasses, and other items left behind.

What’s especially beneficial to the beach sweep is that it also helps to identify areas of concern on the beach regarding erosion or plant and animal life. For instance, last year an injured pelican was found and taken to the Environmental Learning Center on the island for treatment.

For those individuals who prefer to help clean up the waterways, Edisto Watersports helps kayakers to clean up some of the rivers and estuaries that surround Edisto. For more information about this aspect of the clean up, contact Edisto Watersports at 843-869-0663.

If you want to help keep Edisto beautiful and healthy, consider volunteering for this bi-annual event. Contact Edisto Pride at edistopride@aol.com for more details and information on supplies.

If you want to help make sure that Edisto stays this way year-round, consider bringing a small trash bag with you each time you go to the beach to pick up any trash left behind. Also, remember to clean up after yourself anytime you go to the beach (that includes cleaning up after pets).

It’s easy to forget that the island relies upon us to help keep it safe and healthy, so remember to do your part when enjoying the beach, creeks, ocean, and surrounding area by respecting the environment.

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