Farewell Piggly Wiggly, Hello Bi-Lo: Edisto Getting New Grocery Store

Just the other day I covered up a sticker on my car that had been there for more than three years. It was from the Piggly Wiggly and said “Local Since Forever.” The sun had long ago turned the letters into a faded version of their former selves and I figured my new bumper sticker would look better. I had a brief moment of hesitation before covering up the sticker due to the fact that I am extremely nostalgic and have commitment issues. However, I’d already removed the backing to the new sticker and had to use it.

Now I kind of wish I hadn’t.

It’s just been confirmed that Piggly Wiggly Carolina, which operates stores in South Carolina and Georgia, has sold several of its stores to the grocery store chains Harris Teeter and Bi-Lo.

Rest assured that the sale does not mean that Edisto will be without a grocery store. Instead, our Piggly Wiggly will become a Bi-Lo once all is said and done, sometime after the first of the year.

This isn’t the first time that the building located at 104 Jungle Road has been some kind of grocery store. In my day (1983 and onwards) it was an IGA before becoming “The Pig,” as the locals say. Back then we bought our groceries in Charleston because the IGA had slim pickings. In fact, I still buy most of my groceries in town seeing as the shelves at the Pig are picked clean during the high season (plus, and you might not have noticed, but the local Pig has some of the highest prices around).

When the switch happens, I imagine things will remain quite the same. Perhaps they’ll widen the aisles and lower prices…. but I doubt it.

All I know is that I will have to nab some Piggly Wiggly shirts before they’re a thing of the past.

  1. We love to camp at Edisto, its beeeeaaaauutiful. However, this store is yuck! I am so glad to hear it will be changing hands.

  2. I hope they continue to sell the Certified South Carolina Products! Bet they won’t and we’ll loose these great products/companies to large corporate businesses.

  3. I just hope they keep all their employees.  It won’t be the same without our familiar faces.  When the Pig closed in Summerville, they offered other positions at other stores, but many of the employees were only offered part-time postions, when they had been full-time.  Hope that doesn’t happen here.

  4. I love the Pig and also hope that all the employees working there that want to stay can. My mother is really upset that she is losing her Pig in Columbia on Forest Dr. And to the person who says the store is yuck, that store does really good considering it’s size and the number of tourists who come through there. Bye Bye little Pig. : (

  5. If they could just have Bi-Lo be over the Pigs, and just leave the names and do some TLC to the one at Edisto, I would be happy happy happy! 🙂

  6. I am so sad to hear of the Pig’s closing.  There are just too many happy memories of smushing through the crowded aisles on our first Saturday on the island, hoping the item I needed most has not run out yet.  I loved the beach item aisle, with crabbing nets and baby surf boards, but especially the sage advice of the checkers on where to play BINGO or whether to leave the island because of a hurricane alert – they always knew best!  Please BI-LO, don’t mop the floors are give us good buggies to shop with – it just wouldn’t be the same.  I fear what change is coming next – a high rise hotel on the beach front???!!!

  7. Sorry to see the Pig go (not a fan of bi-lo). I hope the new ownership will help improve the bad attitudes of SOME (not all) of the people who work there though. Some of the current employees are the most UNFRIENDLY people I’ve ever come across. Farewell Pig!!! I guess it’ll be Hello Bi-Lo when I come back in January…

  8. Awww –sad news.  Glad I got a Pig t-shirt for myself and my little 4 yr old buddy the last time I was there.

  9. remember if you have a pig card, get it changed to a pig gift card and start spending your points before the store closes.  1 book = $1.

  10. MelanieCaseKlinge I hate that the store is changing to BI-LO, but thankful it won’t be until after my vacation there later this month!  I do not shop in my local BI-LO  for several reasons. One is that their store brand items are nasty so I have to buy the higher priced name brands. When our local Winn Dixie closed years ago, BI-LO started price gouging…they like being the “only ballgame in town”. Some folks drove 30 miles to shop at other stores. Their stores always look old and dirty. Their employees are not friendly and customer service doesn’t exist. I will miss visiting the Edisto Pig as ours closed a couple of years ago. Guess next time I visit Edisto I will bring all my own groceries from home.

  11. My 9 year son and I am so sad! It won’t be the same. I remember the IGA and I loved when it became a Piggly Wiggly! I got him a shirt last year and he wears it all the time. He’s outgrowing it and was looking forward to getting a new one soon. Oh well! Nothing stays the same.

  12. Soo sad!:( I love the Pig safe to say I am big on the Pig!! Edisto will seem different to me after 17 years of summer vacations on Edisto! Change is constant but not on Edisto thats what makes it so great!!!!

  13. This is a travesty!  So many years we have been coming to Edisto – and now we won’t be able to get our traditional Piggly Wiggly shirt!  I am devastated!

  14. Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more bad news!!! The end of an era. We’ll check out the new store when we return in DEC!

  15. @SCMomma Well, we will just have to ask for them, and ask that they continue the practice. It’s just good business to buy/shop locally. Everybody wins.

  16. We all loved the Pig!…and I loved the IGA too…it was like a general store….it had everything! Let’s ask BiLo to carry on the tradition of being adaptable to wonderful Edisto Beach needs…

  17. This is a very sad day……my girl friends and I travel a long way to shop at the pig. And listen to the beach boys. I Think every one should let the the new folks know we love the pig. And it ain’t broke. Shopping to the music of the 50s and 60s is great!,,,,

  18. Sad.sad.sad.we love the PIG. We didn’t find the prices to be too inflated, and shopped there through the week with no problem. We were always astounded at the selection, very rare to NOT to find what you needed there. If they didn’t have it, they would get it for you, usually by the next day.
    We LOVE our pig shirts. Tradition for us is a big BBQ night and EVERYONE down to the toddlers wear their pig shirts.
    Ahhhh, I wonder if Bi-Lo will have great shirts with catchy slogans?
    RIP Edisto Pig ….. you served us well.

  19. First Bell’s Buoy Seafood , now this…I wish places like these could just stay the same like Edisto has been for decades… Ce la vie…

  20. My heart is offically broken. Ever since a was a little kid getting a piggly wiggly tee has been a tradition. This is absolutely heart breaking. Edisto beach will never be the same without the pig. Couldn’t they just leave it alone? Im very upset about this and refuse to shop at the new bi-lo!

  21. Been vacationing there for 37 years and the food has always been great. Let’s just hope we don’t see  “A product of Mexico”  in the meat section.
    later catman

  22. Ten years of family vacation memories at Edisto tarnished. The routine: check in at Wyndham; unload the car at Bay Point; check out the view for dolphins; go plunder the Pig. What an amazing place. Friday night the beer coolers were stuffed full with overflow on the floor nearly blocking the isle. Monday morning it was all gone and the coolers were empty. My kind of town. Priorities are straight. The selection was great for such a small place and the prices fair considering the cost of gas to go farther afield.

  23. this year was 1st time at E bEACH . loved it except piggy wiggley. bought packaged  garden salad , had a good date on it. had to forgo salad  with our dinner. took it back , they replaced it and I was so discusted it ended in garbage. did not want to make another trip to a store that serves nasty salad.SO I AM HAPPY BI-LO IS COMING

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