One source of buyer’s remorse: online scouring

A cognitive bias called the “mere exposure effect” kicks in. As you get exposed to the watch more, you develop a stronger liking for it. After a while, it seems like the only sensible thing left to do is to buy it.

But real-life ownership turns out to be something entirely different from online best swiss replica watches-stalking. All of a sudden, it is no longer a softly lit dream photographed between a pile of coffee beans, an old camera, and a pocket knife. Now, it is just a hunk of steel on your wrist. You like it, but you don’t love it. What happened? And more importantly, how do you prevent this from happening again?

How come we end up with watches that we do not actually enjoy wearing? Is there anything we can do to prevent such buyer’s remorse in the future? I am particularly eager to hear your approach in the comments. Let’s see if we can spare each other some bad purchases. I’ll go first.

I am sure some of you have experienced this. You have a faint interest in a exact replica watches and start doing some online research. Before you know it, you have read every review and watched every YouTube video on the thing. You are scrolling through tons of Instagram pictures of your prospected next reference.

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