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edistobrochurefront.jpg_595In our last blog post, There’s Something Magical About This Place, we looked back at years experiencing Edisto through the eyes of one long term visitor turned resident. It really isn’t hard to find people wanting to share their love for this place, though every story is a little different. So, we are going to cut this blog post short and let you finish it. When did you first visit? Your fondest memories? We invite you to share by commenting below.

  1. My first visit,I was about 10 years old.There was no gas station on the corner,and the pavillion was open,and FULL of video games and pool tables,and a jukebox that sang all the summers songs.Ihear those songs today,and it takes me right back to Edisto.

  2. We have been coming to Edisto probably 15 yrs. It has been wonderful. Something about crossing the bridge and seeing the waterway. It is my slice of heaven. We always destress and slow down life when we’re there. Love everything about Edisto.

  3. I have so many fond memories of growing up going to Edisto in the summers with my family, we could probably write a book. But here are two of my favorites.

    4th of July- For many, many years, on the 4th of July, my family would barbecue a pig in a home-made pit in front our family house, “The Pink House” (front beach, corner of Point and Murray). My dad and uncles would get up early and start the fire. The entire house would wake up to the smell of burning coals and barbecue sauce. The brothers then would sit around the pit in beach chairs all day long “watching the pig” and drinking beer. Our house is next to a public access, so they would chat with everyone that walked by, interested in the delicious smell, hoping to be invited to dinner. Once the pig was finished (which was usually late afternoon), the brothers would chop up the meat and we would have a 4th of July barbecue feast with ALL the fixings: hash, rice, slaw, green beans, rolls, corn on the cob and whatever else my grandmother, Gee, wanted to add or was left over from previous meals. All the aunts, uncles, cousins and family friends would partake. Some years we would have over 20 people. I think the record was 31. For those that knew the McGee family, you always knew what we were doing on 4th of July. Unfortunately, the house now rents every 4th of July, but the barbecue pit is still in great working order. When the family is able to use the house, you better believe we put the barbecue pit to good use!!

    Bull Bat Hour- I think anyone on this site agrees that Edisto has the BEST sunset experience. Whether you are on front beach or at the Point, there is just something about this time of day at Edisto. For most of you, this is called Happy Hour, but at Edisto, my family refers to it is Bull Bat hour. As the sun is setting, the adults make a cocktail (a good Rum Punch is usually the drink of choice) and my grandmother would fix cheese and crackers and other snacks. We would all gather on the front deck, enjoying the ocean view, smell of salt air, sunset behind us and good conversations. Some would still be in their bathing suits, others cleaned up for the night. We still enjoy Bull Bat hour at the Pink House, and even though my grandmother is no longer with us, I can still hear her say after she’s taken that first sip, “Ooohhh, that’s a good drink.” This time of day will forever be my favorite and I cannot imagine a place or time that could compete with it.

  4. My wife and I took our adult kids and their significant others to Edisto in October ’10. Couldn’t have wished for a more ideal setting for our family vacation. The Plantation Golf Course was excellent as was the laid back atmosphere around town. We will be back!

  5. If I attempted to write all of my memories of Edisto Beach it would take forever, there are so many. My best memories are when I was a kid, my dad taking my friends (usually Phil Berry) to the beach after church on Sundays and just having a ball in the ocean. Of course, as I got older, I dropped Phil as my partner (LOL) and still went to Edisto as often as possible. Recall seeing the Melody Makers, Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs and many more musical groups at the Pavillion (oh yeah, don’t forget the arcade there as well)—There were church picnics, school gatherings, dates, dances, Edisto Beach had a little for everybody—Now my favorite times at Edisto are those evenings when I can just walk along the sand and talk to my God in the most serene place I know—Thank you God for Edisto Island!

  6. We started going to Edisto about 15 years ago. I was always a blast! We would stay in a home on Jungle rd, eat pizza from Gracie’s Mansion and spend the entire day on the beach. Sitting up till 4am playing Uno until we were delirious was always a must! (along with the home made ice cream) It was always the same gang going…mom-in-law, brother and sis-in-law and my husband and I. We love Edisto so much we all own homes there now and spend the summers with our children making lots of memories and will for years to come! It is a second home to us and hopefully in the future it will become our only home!

  7. My first visit was in the early fifty’s as a child.Things have changed some since then but it’s still Edisto.I remember looking for shells,watching the Dolphins, the shrimp boats, the sunrises, the fresh seafood from the Bellbouy, staying in beach houses that were within a few feet from the water at high tide. Edisto is a special place to all of my family and friends and hope it will stay
    a small family friendly beach.:)

  8. Our family visited for the first time at Thanksgiving in 1999. Our eight-year-old daughter learned to ride a bike on the trails that year. We joined extended family there for many years at Thanksgiving, until finally renting a house for a week in June for the first summer trip there in 2007. After that trip, we were hooked and bought a Summerwind villa the next spring. We are blessed to be able to relax from the busy schedule in Atlanta in such a beautiful place as Edisto. (And a question for Johnny Snook…is that Phil Berry the one married to Amy now?)

  9. Our family would go camping and stay in the houses starting in the 70’s. We have been coming back ever since. One of the last places my Daddy wanted to visit before he passed away was Edisto. The whole family went. He took the grandkids down to Steamboat Landing to crab. Edisto holds a very special in my heart and always will. As we come over the bridge onto the island, I feel like my Daddy is looking down smiling.

  10. Our first visit was in September 2010! We visited with my husband, 80 yr old parents, 2 grown sons and girlfriend, 2 sisters with their husbands, a nephew and his daughter–all for parts of the week. We actually chose Edisto due to its proximity/distance to Charleston–we had not been there either. However, next fall, we wiil RETURN for Edisto and may not even go back to Charleston! We loved the peace, reconnection with our family and God’s beautiful sunsets, water and surf. It will always be a special place for us–my son proposed to his soon-to-be wife there! We’ve almost been afraid to brag on it too much–we love it just the way it is and hope it never changes. We still have more exploring and resting to enjoy–already reserving for this fall–but will need a larger place, more family wants to come!

  11. We are traveling there for the first time this coming April with the family. The more I read about this enchanting place, the more I am excited about the trip there!

  12. Oh where do I begin!? My family and I would vacation at Edisto from Orangeburg as long as I remember. Yahoo the Dahoo! We knew then we were almost there! My my parents then decided to move to Edisto in the early 80’s. My greatest memories are the arcade games at the Pavillion, sharks tooth hunting which I was the master of…I use to go visit Mrs Whalen to see her large sharks tooth collection she had on display on her porch facing the ocean, Edisto Day Festival where my dad and I would sell our paintings, his on canvas and mine on drift wood and old bottoms to crab baskets. Chasing the shrimp boats with Kim Lybrand and Angie Lovelace as they came in the Flowers Seafood docks from a day of fishing to see what treasures they brought us back from their nets. Sunsets on the marsh, hayrides to go ghosthunting at Halloween! So scary down those dirt roads with the moss hanging down.
    Early morning wakeups to catch the bus to get to school in Walterboro-Ugh! We would all bring our pillows and blankets to sleep on the bus until we got to school. Those are a few of my memories of “Growing up Edisto”. Love my Edisto! Love that is hasn’t changed much since moving to Savannah. My family and friends spent our first week long vacation this past summer. The kids still talk about it- “The Best Vacation Ever!” My greatest joy is knowing we are now giving them the memories I myself treasure the most- time spent at Edisto. The best place on earth! They too will surely be “Growing up Edisto” ! See you this summer!

  13. I will never forget the first time my family and I visited Edisto, (15 years ago) I found the Island online and knew nothing about it. As I drove in I thought where am I going and I did I ever find this place. We rented the TNT2 for a week and had a blast. My brother in law and his family joined us from Ellijay Georgia and were just as shocked as we were on the drive in. They commmented “how did you ever find this place we were starting to get nervous”. We have visited the island many times since then and love it more with each visit. I hope you never sell out to the big developers, sometimes simple is better.

  14. We started coming to Edisto about 3 years ago–we LOVE it, it is such a nice laid back place.We brought out adult kids and grands last year-they loved it also. Hopefully one day we can retire and find us a beautiful home with a lovely view.

  15. My mother, Mary Claire Pinckney, was born on Edisto Island Nov. 6, 1921. She grew up in what my father called an “idyllic” setting. Loving parents and a simple way of life. They lived in a two story house built of cypress in 1900 off of Russell Creek. The house was still standing in 2003, the last time we saw it. We tried to find it in 2009, but were not successful. My earliest memories of Edisto Beach start in the late 60’s. Edisto was a simple place then. My Mom talked about what the beach looked like in the 30’s – nothing but bungalows and shacks, that got blown away with a major hurricane in the 30’s. I first brought my family to Edisto in 2003 and it was magical. We had a small family reunion. My mother and her sister, Millie, from Wadmalaw Island came. We ate crab, shrimp, and fish. Life was good. We come back every other year. While my kids are now grown, they still take time out of their lives to come with us to Edisto. We will be out this summer. It is a time to rebuild and renew. I look forward to our visit. I wish that I lived closer, but such is life. We are now in Texas, and the drive is long but so worth it.

  16. It would take me forever to extol all of the virtues of and memories I have of this magical place. My mom found it quite by accident in a travel guide and we visited for the first time in 1993 and have been coming every year since. It hasn’t changed much since then except that now there is cell service; not sure if that’s good…haha! We relax there, play there, heal from hurts there, and grow our bond as a family. Different friends join us from year to year and everyone falls in love with it. Our favorite memories involving choosing the next ‘task’ to do…stroll on the beach, watch the pelicans, gulls and dolphins, shell, nap in the sun, go buy vegetables at Pink’s, etc. It’s a simple life in a complex world and likely the next best place to Heaven itself.

  17. This will be our second year at Edisto. It is an enchanting place, can`t believe my luck in finding such a hidden gem. I hope to live there someday. Until then, I will have to be satisfied with one week a year. Counting the days!

  18. Been coming off and on since the mid 70’s, seems to be about every 2 years here lately. Scheduled to be there end of June this year. Really looking forward to it. While the island still feels like small town life, it has grown some over these past 30 plus years. I refer to it as “Mayberry” at the beach, everyone is so friendly. I think Edisto is one of my all time favorite vacation locations. Ranks right up there with Hawaii, the Caribbean and other great places.

  19. I have been coming to Edisto for more than 20 years. That is almost my whole life. My family started with one house with about 18-20 people. Now we have 3 houses full with family. We still come every year in June. Can not wait for it to get here so that i will be on the beach. I love it cause it is quite. There may not be alot to do now since they did away with putt-putt but i still enjoy it. See you in June

  20. well my earliest memories were as a young child on edisto coming for summer vacation.. My grandmother was Mary Laroache Bailey born 1896 on Wadmalaw Island but moved to edisto when she was four years old. My grandparents wed on edisto and my mother grew up there at Tom Seabrook Plantation(circa 1740-1940).So we always came to edisto to see the family and enjoy the island.they so loved the island that the presbyterian churchyard is their final resting place..This is the best place in the world as far as I’m concerned!

  21. Over 30 Years ago, my then girlfriend, now wife, tremulously invited me for a weekend at the beach with her family. You see, she grew up going to Edisto, and it was lodged in her heart as a place above all places. She seriously would reconsider my “lifemate” value if I didn’t like it.
    I had been to Miami Beach, Jekyll Island, and Tybee, but none of that prepared me for the beach of all beaches Edisto. I fell in love (with Edisto) immediately. We were Married in 1980 and honeymooned there, We’ve had the privilege of visiting at least once a year ever since. Our kids love it as we do, all 4 and their collective significant others. It is God’s little corner of the planet!!!

  22. For us it’s the campground!!!! The dense trees, the smell of cypress mixed with the smell of the salt water!!! Just turning the corner and seeing that big open field with all the campers lined up waiting for the park to open and be able to snatch up their favorite spot!!! When I think how many cups of coffee have been consumed while sitting on that beach waiting for the sun to rise, how many times my husband and I have walked the beach holding hands hoping to find the perfect shell , and how many chapters of James Patterson books were read sitting in our chairs feeling the wind on our faces, I have to smile!!!

  23. I agree with #1 Joe, when I was a teenager at Edisto were some of the best memories of my life. The pavillion was all open so you could feel the see breeze. It was full of teenagers, you never met a stranger. I carved my name in the wooden tables.The pool tables and pinball machines were always full of kids. The music on the jukebox was great. I have a disc with all the music we use to listen to that was on the jukebox. Oh, the memories those songs bring back. If I could turn back time, that is were I would be. I still Love Edisto today and go two or three times a year. A lot has changed since I was a teen, but I still love that beach. I wish my kids could have experienced some of the same good times I had, before they changed the pavillion.

  24. Enchanting is a good word for Edisto. We’ve been going there for a few years, we’ve rented houses and stayed in the campground too. My favorite part is the sweeping live oaks and then having the ocean right around the corner. We love Botany Bay, Steamboat Landing, Kings Market, the long stretches of beach, the friendly atmosphere. It’s a family favorite destination. There’s so
    Much to enjoy there, so much left unspoiled.

  25. My family has been coming to Edisto for so many years and we have so many memories! My grandparents had a house on Lybrand St. when it was still a dirt road. I remember eating breakfast looking out the window and watching the deer in the road. Walking to the beach could be a chore if you didn’t wear your flip flops, the sand and roads were so hot the dead of summer. I remember my father and I going to the creek and he jumping out the john boat getting us some oysters and eating them right then. My uncle and I loved the Pavillion and when we ran out of money to play the games we just crawled under it and collected the money dropped during the day and night that made their way to the sand underneath. After I married my husband, who had not gone to the beach as much as I had,he too fell in love with Edisto just as much, and our children think there is no other beach. They are now in their 20’s and teens and still feel the same way we do. After my mother went through a horrible operation from cancer we got her to Edisto were she sat for hours on the porch taking in the sun and views. We watched as the color found its way back into her face and her body seemed to heal five times faster. Time changes everything but the memories still remain. Edisto has changed since I was a child but it still holds a special magic for so many. As for me and my family, it will always be our beach, the one and only.

  26. My best memory start out as a sort of joke. Every year at New Years, my aunt and uncle would come fro the upstate to visit us. They would bring lots of warm clothes and things to bundle up in, and when they would get here we would go to Edisto Beach to search for the beautiful shells and have a picnic. Even though it was January, it would be nearly 70 degrees and beautiful.

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