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HEY EDISTO!! I want everyone to know how glad I am to be representing Edisto this year. You can’t imagine how excited I was when my name was called and I was crowned Miss Edisto Beach! My goal is to make Edisto proud to have me as their queen and be a great representative for Edisto at SC United States pageant in March.


I want everyone to know how glad I am to be representing Edisto this year. You can’t imagine how excited I was when my name was called and I was crowned Miss Edisto Beach! My goal is to make Edisto proud to have me as their queen and be a great representative for Edisto at SC United States pageant in March. 

My sister queen Kristin (the Teen queen of Edisto) and I have had so much fun! We did a ‘back to school’ fashion show at Dillard’s. We modeled prom gowns and dresses for homecoming (so many cute dresses to choose from!! Girls get to Dillards FAST!) I am gonna try to add pictures on here for you to see… TRY being the key word there!

I can’t believe that missed the Pink Heals Tour… I had SAT’s (Yuck! lol) but Kristin said it was great. I saw pictures and spoke to people and I am really inspired by all of the people and the huge efforts being put towards the cause. I am hoping they will be back soon. I wanna see that big pink firetruck!! Oh and the firefighters in pink (Oh that’s so cute!).

We did a photo shoot on the beach a couple of weeks ago with Sweetgrass Photography. Wow it was cold!!  But fun! We had such a great time. The people of Edisto are so nice. I couldn’t believe that as cold as it was that there were still so many people on the beach! Again I will try to post the pictures.

I am look forward to seeing EVERYONE at the Edisto Christmas parade November 28th!

  1. I was at the pageant when Jade was crowned Miss Edisto. I have seen Jade in pageants since she was a young preteen. She is a beautiful young lady, not only on the outside but on the inside too. She is a wonderful representative for Edisto Beach and will be a great role model for younger girls coming behind her.

  2. Teen Queen of Edisto Beach Kristin Kennedy was named a top 15 semi-finalist at the annual Miss South Carolina USA and Teen USA Pageant held at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center on November 20&21. She beat approximately 40 other girls for this honor. Congrats Kristin!!!

    Queen of Edisto Beach Jade Lankford is busy getting ready for the Miss South Carolina United States Teen Pageant to be held in March. Her platform is Child Abuse Prevention with and emphasis on “Shaken Baby Syndrome” She will be working closely with the local Exchange Clubs putting her message out and will make appearances throughout the area at schools, churches and other organizations about her platform and being the Queen of Edisto Beach. If anyone would like for Jade to speak to their organization, contact Donny Wilkinson at 843-343-2560 to schedule her for your event.

    Everyone is invited to come out to the Annual Fire Chiefs Association Charleston Christmas Parade on Saturday , December 06 in downtown Charleston and see Queen of Edisto Beach Jade Lankford and Teen Queen of Edisto Beach Kristin Kennedy along with the Folly Beach Queens on a beautiful float sponsored by and

    Meet Jade Lankford, Queen of Edisto Beach and Kristin Kennedy, Teen Queen of Edisto Beach at the annual Edisto Christmas Parade and Parade of Boats on December 12. Come by and take a picture with the girls or just hang out. It will be loads of fun!

  3. Hey Edisto!!
    Sorry I haven’t updated in awhile but I have had so many things going on. Just to catch you up on what has happend… As Donny mentioned I did the Miss Chitlin Strut beauty pageant along with Emilie Sears last years Teen Miss Folly Beach. She competed in the Teen division and I did the Miss division. There were 16 beautiful girls in the Miss division. I was honored to have placed 1st runner-up and so did Emilie in the Teen division.
    On November 20 & 21st I attended the Miss SC USA pageant. It was nice to sit back with my crown and banner on and watch the other girls compete. Tough pageant! Teen Miss Edisto, Kristin was in it and made top 15!! Great job Kristin you really worked the stage. Our sister queens Kimberly Childers, Miss Folly Beach and Courtney Ballenger Teen Miss Folly Beach were in it too. Courtney made 4th runner-up and we are all so proud of her. Btw… loved the gown Courtney!!
    Yesterday, December 6, I did the Charleston parade with my sister queens Miss Teen Edisto Edisto, Krisin and Miss Teen Folly Beach, Courtney. Someone had the bright idea for us to wear red evening gowns..not saying who….. (lol Donny!!). Good thing we took our coats because it was sooooo sooo sooo sooo cold. But as soon as we got rolling we forgot how cold we were because there were so many nice people. We felt very warm and welcomed and it was great to see so many people feeling the Christmas spirit. Thanks for sponsoring us in the parade. The experience was unforgetable.
    After the parade we went over to Dillards. They had a VIP sale and we were asked to be apart of it. We put on cute little dresses and walked the floor and met lots of people. There was food and a karoke machine. We had a lot of fun and we took lots of pictures.
    Speaking of pictures if you would like to pictures from the pageant and the photo shoot i mentioned in the earlier post you can copy and paste this link
    Well, I want everyone to know that the Edisto Beach parade was changed to Saturday, December 12. It should be fun. There is the tree lighting and a boat parade too. I am looking forward to seeing everyone there! Oh and no gowns this time Please Donny!! 😉

  4. Hey Edisto!
    Sorry its been so long again. Million things going on. Just so you know I am at the SC United States pageant right now! So excited. Beautiful girls.. tough tough tough competetion. I will write back as soon as I can. Cross your fingers for me! *wink*

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