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Edisto Beach Vacation Homes

In a few short months winter will be over and people everywhere will start thinking about their summer vacations. While some may decide to stay home this year out of financial worry others will look for deals that allow them to get away from it all and enjoy some much needed relaxation. Luckily for them Edisto Beach is one of those places.

The peak season for Edisto Beach is June, July, and August but those months are sandwiched by other prime times to enjoy a beach vacation, especially during the spring.

Temperatures in March to April hover in the upper-60s to the mid-70s before shooting up into the low-80s in May. The water temperature is generally too cold for swimming in the spring, but some beach enthusiasts have no problem slipping into a wetsuit and hitting the waves.

The spring months are also one of the best times to get out on the water and cruise the creeks or take a trip up the Intra-Coastal Waterway and head into Charleston.

The town itself is free of crowds and makes for an excellent time to visit the many shops and restaurants on the beach and the island.

During the peak season, many people find it hard to drag themselves away from the beach on a hot summer’s day so much of Edisto’s treasures are overlooked.

For instance, taking a kayak trip in the rivers, walking the trails at the Edisto State Park, exploring the trails, land and beach of Botany Bay, visiting the Edisto Island Museum, and checking out the historic plantations, churches, and cemeteries are all things many people want to do but don’t find time for during the summer months. The cooler temperatures in the off season also make some of the outdoor activities more enjoyable.

But one of the biggest draws to Edisto during the offseason is the ability to get a rental house for a much cheaper rate even on front beach.

We found a local agency offering a six-bedroom, three-bathroom house by the name of Island Manor on front beach that sleeps 14 rents for $1,895 a week during what they call the spring season (Mar. 19 to May 20). The same house rents for $4,695 during the peak summer months.

Another deal on front beach is the house named Mi Casa Su Casa. This house goes for $995 in the spring and is close to $2000 in the summer months.

Kapps-Lyons offers Surfside – a seven-bedroom, six-bath house on front beach – for $2100 a week during the spring that goes for $4550 in the summer.

Another Kapps-Lyons house by the name of Gulls Galore rents for $1400 a week during the spring instead of its usual price tag of $2895.

While those prices are still high for some families, getting off the beach further brings down the money spent on a house. Second row houses are a mere 50 feet or so from the beach and often have views of the water. Beach walk homes are at most a block from the beach and many times offer decks with beach views.

Edisto Realty offers a house that is less than a block from the beach for $695 in the spring call All Decked Out. This house sleeps six and has a 40-foot tall observation tower that offers views of the beach, marsh, and surrounding area.

Kapps-Lyons’ house called Tally-Ho Sweet Summertime is a short walk from the beach, sleeps 10, and has sun-drenched decks goes for $680 in the spring and $1175 in the summer.

No matter where Edisto’s visitors decide to stay it is always possible to find a house that will fit the budget, and there is nor better place to start your search than right here. After all, if you are going to stay at Edisto Beach, what better place to start planning your trip than at!

First-timers and long-time Edisto goers should remember is that coming to Edisto isn’t about the rental house; it’s about spending time with family and friends, relaxing, enjoying the beach and all the beauty, charm, history, and culture apparent on every inch of the island.

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