Changes afoot on Edisto Beach

Palmetto Plaza, Edisto Beach

There are some changes afoot on Edisto Beach.

According to the minutes of the Town of Edisto Beach planning commission and town council meetings Palmetto Plaza as we know it could be vastly different as early as this summer.

Plaza owner Mark Steedley requested approval to change what is now Buck’s Pizza into a southwest grill. The screened-in porch currently at the property will be enclosed to better serve future customers.

He also requested approval to construct a new pizza restaurant at the opposite end of the plaza where Edisto Treasures and Consignment was located. The new pizza restaurant will be called Doe’s Pizza.

There has been no word on why the Buck’s Pizza franchise will no longer exist.

Both requests were approved unanimously by the planning commission and recommended for town council.

Sugartime will move from Palmetto Plaza to 101 Jungle Road where it will continue to serve candy and frozen yogurt.

In other news, planning commission also approved plans to turn the vacant lot located at 124 Jungle Road into a site for a future business called “The Edisto Dog House.” This new business will serve hot dogs, ice cream, and sell retail items.

In addition to all of these changes, the Bi-Lo will undergo renovations so that the grocery store will have sliding glass doors, an improved handicap ramp, employee lounge, lowered office, and new finishes, fixtures and equipment. The work on the grocery store should be completed before the start of the tourist season.

While many of these changes are just businesses shuffling around, things will certainly be different when all is said and done. Let us know what you think of the changes!

  1. Quite confused why someone would ever want to enclose a screened in porch at the beach? Take a look at your neighbors – McConkey’s. They’ve built their business with a screened in porch!  I’m all for commerce & growth, but a bit baffled by that decision.

  2. Yes I am agree with all your points given for keep in mind while on vacation. My mom always took care of all these things while we had ever on vacations. It is necessary for all the important things to be kept in mind while on vacation.

  3. We have been coming to Edisto since 2006.  The service at Buck’s has steadily declined over that time.  The pizza was popular with our kids and they will miss it.  Just hope that Doe’s has the same type of menu and that they have the variety or wings as Bucks.

  4. Buck’s was always a staple in our Edisto vacation, so I hope this new place has good eats. We normally visit the week after Thanksgiving, but this year we are coming down in August. It will be the first time in 20 years that we’ll actually get to swim in the ocean!! Looking forward to seeing all the new changes!!

  5. IndyDad Agree, service and food quality both have gone down over the last 2 -3 years.  We didn’t even get pizza during our 2013 trip…too poor for the price.

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