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dogs on edisto

Edisto Beach Vacation Homes

Edisto Beach prides itself on being the go-to place for families – even four-legged members.

Dogs really luck out on Edisto Beach. In the past, many rental homes were not dog-friendly, but nowadays, several of the rental homes are now dog-friendly (with an extra fee or cleaning charge). That means every year more and more dogs come to the island to experience the bliss of vacation with their families.

Many area beaches do not allow dogs on the beaches at any time, but here on Edisto, dogs are welcome all of the time.

In fact, dogs are allowed to be off-leash from the first of November all the way until April 30. Once May 1 rolls around, dogs need to be back on the leash. It’s also recommended that any unleashed dog is under the verbal command of his or her owner for the safety of the dog and other visitors at the beach.

The only other rule that applies to dogs is that their owners must clean up after them. Luckily, the town provides doggy bags at each beach access.

The beach itself is something almost every dog loves. They like to sniff the sea oats (just make sure they stay off the dunes and don’t trample the oats), dig for treasures in the sand, roll around on aromatic creatures that have washed up, and run through the water.

If you want to experience various parts of the beach with your dog, try walking from the Pavilion down past the Edisto Beach State Park all the way down to Jeremy’s Inlets. This walk is more than a mile, so be sure to bring along some water for you and your pooch.

Dogs also like to go down to St. Helena Sound and sniff some of the tidal pools. Plus, if you have an older dog or one with difficulties walking, the beach near the sound is easier to walk on.

In addition to the beach, try going for a walk down Palmetto Boulevard on the sidewalk or take to the shady streets on Jungle Road. You may want to make sure your dog stays out of any ponds or lagoons while on a walk as many times these bodies of water are home to alligators.

The town’s bike path also provides a nice trail for dogs and their owners to explore.

If you want to wander away from the beach, try heading out to the Edisto Beach State Park located at 8377 State Cabin Road (about a mile from the Bi-Lo right off of Highway 174). Follow one of the many trails with your dog and check out some of the forests and marshlands on the island.

No matter what you do with your dog on vacation, just remember to keep a collar with ID tags on the animal, bring along heartworm and flea/tick preventative, and make sure he or she gets plenty of time to cool off throughout the day and night. Other than that, have a great time sharing Edisto Beach with your pet.

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