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As you will read on this site and hear from anyone who lives here or visits, Edisto Beach is one of the few uncommercialized, family-oriented beaches left. First-time visitors and locals alike automatically recognize the spanish moss draped live oaks leading into Edisto as the entrance to something even more intriguing.

As you will read on this site and hear from anyone who lives here or visits, Edisto Beach is one of the few uncommercialized, family-oriented beaches left. First-time visitors and locals alike automatically recognize the spanish moss draped live oaks leading into Edisto as the entrance to something even more intriguing.

So what makes Edisto Beach so great? Is it the beautiful beaches,  picturesque sunsets, historic sites, fresh seafood served in the taste of the town, or maybe its the unique beach homes that line the coast? Perhaps its the lack of hotels, red lights and chain restaurants. It could be any one or combination of these things, or maybe something comes to mind that we left out completely.

From speaking to or emailing back and forth with some of you, it is clear there are many different ways people have had their first look at Edisto Beach. Some grew up here, others have been vacationing since they were kids. Maybe Edisto was discovered further down life’s road in retirement, or on a day trip from nearby Charleston.

Your experience is surely unique and we would love to hear about that. Blog with us now and share your Edisto Beach memories.

  1. I first visited Edisto with my parents when I was just 12, and have been back almost yearly since. I now take my wife and kids there as often as possible.

    Edisto Beach is great for the family with beaches that are not only beautiful but mostly vacant. As parents we can relax and watch our kids play without fear of them getting lost in the crowds.

    We hope to be back this summer and thanks for the chance to share!

  2. My first trip to Edisto was almost 6 years ago. My girlfriends and I were looking for a place to take a girls’ trip. One of my friends had already been vacationing in Edisto with her husband and she presuaded us to plan our trip to Edisto. I fell in love with the place as soon as we crossed the bridge. I love the friendly feel of the place, the relaxed pace, the beach, sunsets at the point, everything. As soon as I got home from my first trip, I told my husband and children that our next vacation was going to be to Edisto, so we have been coming back ever since. My husband and sons love it as much as I do, in fact, my youngest son wants to grow up to be a shrimp boat captain like Jimmy Bell, and live in Edisto, even though he doesn’t really like shrimp!

  3. In the past we visited the Outer Banks with our family (three generations) every year, until we found Edisto Beach. The adequately, but not overly, commercialized community is just what we were looking for. The groceries and food shops are close by and there is plenty of great seafood available to purchase and prepare our own meals. If we want to eat in a restaurant there is one for every day of the week. The beach is beautiful, the selection of homes is wide in price range and varies in style and size. We have toured the A.C.E. basin by boat and Kayak in high and low tides which has become our favorite activity. I recommend Edisto beach for anyone who is looking to leave the “rat race” behind.

  4. For the past 6 years we have come to Edisto Beach to stay for a week. Sometimes we come with family. And once it was just the two of us. The year we came alone, we camped. It was a wonderful time. Hot! But great. Its so peaceful in Edisto and gives you such a relaxing feeling. Its a great place to explore and meet friendly people who live on the island. Not to mention, if you want to get away from the beach a while. Charleston is just 45 minutes away.
    Edisto is 1st choice for a vacation with that lets you lay back and enjoy yourself without any drama, which you may have at the “party scene” type beaches.
    If you hav”nt been here, try it atleast once. You’ll love it. And so will the family!

  5. I have vacationed at Edisto since I was a small child. Now I have children of my own and cannot think of a better place to vacation. My husband had never been to Edisto until we married. He fell in love with it just as I had. We plan to one day retire at Edisto!! We love the quiet, slow pace and cannot wait to return soon!

  6. My husband and I visited Edisto Island for the first time last summer. I had a friend growing up, whose mother was raised on Edisto, and I had heard about it for 50 years. We fell in love with it and cannot wait until summer to go back. In taking the tour of the island, we went to places that I had heard about from my friend. I felt like I had seen it all before just because of her stories. We can’t wait to share it with our family.

  7. I have just booked a week in Edisto at the Ocean Ridge. We will be staying from March 28-April 3, does anyone have some information on what kind of weather to expect. Thanks for the help!

  8. I can’t remember my first trip to Edisto. For as long as I can remember, Edisto has been the spring treat and vacation spot of my immediate and extended family. I haven’t made it back to the island in five years, and I’m determined to make it back to Edisto in the next year for a much-needed visit.

    I adore Edisto – it’s my favorite place in the world – and the only thing I enjoy more than visiting on my own is introducing friends to this special place. I can’t wait to get back!

  9. Our family vacationed at Ocean Ridge a few years ago. We had a wonderful time. We actually stayed at the SouthPoint Villas. I loved that the place was so layed back and so easy to enjoy. The Wyndham properties also have lots of ammenities to offer the families in the way of activities. Something to do for everyone.

  10. My family and I discovered Edisto 3 years ago. We fell in love with the place instantly. We love the slow way of life and the restfullness of it. We vacationed there two years in a row and will return this summer. We can’t wait. It will feel like coming home.

  11. I used to golf in the Grand Strand area dating back to 1988.
    During those years I never went past Charleston.

    Then I sort of grew tired of the fast paced Myrtle Beach and started to look elsewhere for golf and vacation.

    While surfing on the net, I found Edisto Beach, took a chance and just loved it.

    No trafic lights, trafic jams, beach at walking distance from about anywhere on the island, great golf course what more can you ask for


  13. We have been spending our summer vacations in Edisto for 6 years. My teenage daughters don’t want to go anywhere else. It took us a couple of days to really sort of melt into the culture and relaxed pace of the place, and then we we knew we had found “our place” and wished we had more than one week there.

    Advice: Take a trip with “Captain Ron” to Shell Island. He’s at the end of Botany Bay Rd – call and make a reservation. He will drop you on a secluded little island covered in gigantic shells (each person can bring home one grocery bag full) and he will pick you up after an hour. Take drinks, its hot and no shade. You can swim, but don’t go out far, we saw a shark out there. Gorgeous, though, lots of loggerhead turtle nests and egrets.

    Also, if you are interested in the history of the island (VERY colorful) take a Pink Van tour “Tours and ‘Tings” I think its called. My sister and I did this and I am dying to do it again. I have been collecting all the books I can about the island and its history, and the tour just brought all that reading to life for me. The guides were born and raised on the island and we just had so much fun.

    My kids and husband loved the serpenterium, but I hate snakes and skipped that. Restaurants there are really good, I do miss the Old Post Office. I hear it will open with new owners. The shops are quaint and I have found lots of great things there. No junky beach shops like you see on more commercialized beaches.

    One of our favorite places is a farm market on the long main road going in towards the beach. It’s on your right and has wonderful produce, homemade frozen tomato pie (awesome), desserts and cheese grits. We have made many a great meal with the food from this place. There is a field of sunflowers outside. ALso, there’s a big fat cat there my kids love to play with!

    The first two years we stayed at Ocean Ridge and the condo was great, but now we stay on Palmetto Blvd. where we can just walk across one the road to the beach. The house we stayed in last time, and will this coming August is called “Pelican Shack”, Very casual, beachy, bright and I could sit on the deck and see my kids on the beach right in front of me. It was perfect for us, but would be a little small for more than one family.

    We always take a day a day to go to Hunting Beach State Park, an hour or so south, toward Savannah. One of the prettiest beaches I have ever seen, and I’ve been to the Caribbean. This was just as pretty to me. Huge, white beach, palm trees, warm, turquoise water. If you dig your feet into the sand you will find live sand dollars. Along the beach you will find bleached ones to take home. We have a collection of them!

    Go to Charleston, gorgeous and so much to do. It is easy to just park and walk around downtown near the battery, no end to restaurants, shops and scenery. Take a historical horse and carriage ride. That has been our favorite activity there so far.
    I have lots more I could say, but don’t mean to write a book!

    To all you first-timers, just relax and go Edislow!

  14. I am in Edisto right now and it is fabulous here. This is our first time and would definitely come back. We are staying at the Wyndham Ocean Ridge in Marshpoint and have a end unit. There are windows on both sides so the views are great. Its so quiet. Hardly any car noise. In the morning all we hear are bird songs. We are thinking about doing the Ace Basin River Cruise from Edisto Watersports. Has anyone taken that cruise? If there are any other suggestions I would appreciate the imput.

  15. I am 26 years old and have been to Edisto probably 6-7 times. I love it there! It’s where you can truely leave your watch behind, no TV, and just unwind. My opinion, the best way to experience Edisto is camping or take advantage of one of the cabins. Go and enjoy!

  16. I’m a former Myrtle Beach Lifeguard and was raised going to to myrtle as a kid but 15 or 20 years ago my family started going to Edisto , have stayed in several different houses (Shrimpers Cove is the favorite) but loved them all. Even though we are just “tourist” to Edisto over the years it feels like we are home . I’ve been to beachs all over the world Italy,Spain lived in Fla but Edisto is HOME

  17. I am 29 years old and have been coming to Edisto about 12 years now. I started coming with my then boyfreind’s family. We have a pretty large family so when we would rent a house it would always be fun and exciting for everyone.
    Well here we are 12 years later and my boyfreind has turned into my husband of 10 years and now have two little boys.We still come to Edisto every year and NOW it’s their turn to have such great fun memories to last them a lifetime.We are anticipating our trip in two days and we can’t WAIT!!!Edisto is the best place for a family!!!!! Thanks for the fun times Edisto Beach!!!!!

  18. My first trip to Edisto was also my husbands 1st trip! We got married on the beach and it was beautiful. After going to Myrtle Beach all of my life, it has really made me appreciate the simplicity of Edisto. We will be returning for our second trip in just 3 days! I cannot wait!

  19. My husband and I have been vacationing on Edisto for over 41yrs. and we enjoy it as much as ever. Edisto is one of the true family beaches left in our state and I hope that it will remain that way. We have come and brought family, we’ve come just as a couple and we’ve come and brought the dogs……its always been fun. The past few years we have rented thru Atwood and they have been an excellent company. We would refer them to all as a great vacation rental company.

  20. My family and I were thinking of visiting Edisto Island in August and I wanted more info on lodging. We have never visited Edisto but someone had told me that they stayed at the Pelican Shack. I can not bring up any pictures on this and would like more information about it.

  21. We’ve been going to Edisto for 18 years. We’re leaving in 4 days for our annual trip. Unless you’ve been there, you can’t really understand the magic of the island. The feeling I get when I know the bridge is just around the corner. As we come to the top of it my heart beats quicker knowing that the island awaits. The same every year but somehow different each time. Knowing that the turtles are there (we got to see a baby make his first trek to the ocean one year), the dolphins that play right in front of us on the bay, the knowledge that for the next 7 days, I won’t see a traffic light (or traffic for that matter), no appointments to rush to and that really, all is well with the world – as long as I’m there and can just “be”. I can’t wait…..

  22. Edisto is my second home! My family and I have been going ever summer for the last twenty five years. It is really Heaven on Earth!

  23. Edisto is my second home. My family and I have been going here for the last twenty five years. It is Heaven on Earth!

  24. I’ve heard from friends over the years how wonderful Edisto is for vacations….but I’ m looking to relocate next year, have a lot of medical -office work experience, & would like to know if Edisto is an affordable place for me to move to?
    I’ve lived all my adult life in Lynchburg, VA & have always dreamed about living near the beach…any comments, suggestions???

  25. We are thinking of going to Edisto next summer. We have traveled to HHI and Myrtle Beach and like Hilton Head Island best. DO you think that our somewhat quiet 21 and 18 year olds will enjoy it.

  26. My husband & I are owners with Wyndham, formerly Fairfield (although we are not owners @ Edisto). We’ve thought about visiting Wyndham Resort @ Edisto. Does anyone have any pros / cons? We usually vacation in October or November. When we’re on vacation we enjoy finding true outlet stores (very rare to find those anymore!), flea markets, sitting & reading, no schedules, relaxing! We cook in most times but do like to have a couple of meals out but not looking for pricey/fancy, just good food. Since we’ve never been to Edisto & we’ll be traveling approx 8 hours to get there we’d like to hear from folks about what to expect.

  27. Edisto is THE only beach to visit, in my opinion. We go to Edisto every year to spend the week between Christmas and New Years. A wonderful “flash back” to the beach of the 1950’s that I remember as a kid. Very little commercialization, great restaurants, lots of gift and unique. one-of-a-kind shops, and just a short 45 minute drive north to Charleston and the Old Market, or south to Beaufort with all the wonderful art galleries featuring work of the Low County artists. We live in the Western NC mountains, and were introduced to Edisto by a friend about 7 years ago. We’ve been back every year since!

  28. Edisto is a very beautiful beach. Me my wife and three boys had great time. We were not pleased were we stayed (a resort) We met a lot of nice people there (but then again you have those that could care less if you were there to spend your money or not) We went to this restraunt We went in and I ASK the LADY WHAT PROCEDURE IN ORDERING SHE SAID WELL if YOU WANT the BUFFET GET a PLATE & START SO my BOYS were LOOKing AND DIDNT WANT the buffet SO they STOOD THERE LOOKing AT the MENU THEY DECIDED WHAT THEY WANTed I TOLD LADY THEY WANTed CHICKEN TENDERS SHE SAID you NEED to HURRY the COOK DONE WENT BACK & SaT DOWN WHAT KINDA ATTITUDE IS THAT. WE RAN INTO THAT ATTITUDE WITH SOME OF the STAFF AT the RESORT we CALLED the PERSON WE BOOKED WITH for some issues we had and could NEVER GET THRU… NOT GOOD. Im sorry but were I live hospitality is our goal and A few lessons in manners need to be taught there so no we will not be back to those places but will continue to visit edisto because beauty over rules some of the uglyness of people.

  29. we as a family have been vacationing at edisto for 17 years there is never any other discussions. we have 4 kids /3 married and 9 grandchildren. we all go on beach week as we call it .mention beach to my grands and they say there is only 1 beach….edisto….my oldest grandson said just this year …this is where memories are made …ask them how long they have been going to edisto …they just tell you how old they are..edisto is a little piece of heaven here on earth..

  30. Our family has been vacationing at Edisto for about 14 years. For many years before we had vacationed at Myrtle Beach which became too crowded, loud and unfamily-like for us, so we moved on to quite, uncrowded Folly Beach which we loved. But, it too became so crowded, loud, unfamily-like so we decided to try Edisto and absolutely fell in love with the atmosphere, the beach, the history, even “The Pig”.

    We’ve rented houses all up and down the beach and have been pleased with our rentals as well as the real estate companies, Edisto, Atwood, Prudential. We also stayed at the resort which was nice. (Our adults prefer the sound end but the teens want to stay closer to town for more wave action…and cute boys.)

    Either way, Edisto is a great family beach and town. PLEASE keep it that way and don’t let all those folks who over-developed the other beaches anywhere near there.

  31. My family and I relocated to the Charleston area about a month ago and my “happy place” has always been the Outer Banks. So…after visiting IOP and Folly I was thrilled when we visited Edisto. We have only been able to go once so far because of everything that relocating entails…but my question is I have read about some things, shops, places and I wonder if there is another area that we did not see. We only went down Jungle Rd I think and crossed over to the beach road to a public access spot. Please direct me in other directions, I especially would be interested in doing the trip over to the island with all the shells I read about in an earlier post. Any info is greatly appreciated.

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