Hurricane Irma: What it Means for Edisto

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Hurricane Irma looks like she might pose a real threat to the southeastern United States. So what’s that mean for Edisto?

As of now, the hurricane does not seem to be headed on a direct trajectory toward the island, however, storms change paths quickly. With the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Matthew just about a month away, residents and visitors are nervous anytime a hurricane brews in the Atlantic.

While there is nothing one can do to prevent a hurricane, here are some things to do so that you and your family are prepared in the event of the storm making landfall in our area.

Get Supplies

It’s a good idea for anyone living near the coast to have a set of supplies for an emergency like a hurricane. Make sure to get enough food and water to last year each person in the family or group one week.

Also, if you take medicine, make sure you have at least a 30 day supply on hand as pharmacies will likely be closed in the event of a strong hurricane.

Be Prepared to Communicate

Batteries for radios and alternative chargers for phones and other devices will help if power goes out. Having a method to communicate and find out about important updates is important, so make sure you have a way to hear the news.

Gas Up the Vehicle

Make sure your vehicles have enough fuel to make it through the storm. You might also want to have extra gas cans on hand in case service stations are damaged and unable to open.

Get Cash

When electricity goes down, that means banks and ATMs will be unable to disperse cash. Have enough cash on hand and secure so that you can buy supplies when necessary.

Be Prepared to Evacuate

No matter where you are on the coast, it’s important to know the proper protocol for your area’s evacuation method. Those on Edisto Island know there is only one road on the off the island, so don’t try to wait until the last minute to leave. If the causeway goes under water, you won’t be able to exit the island.

Know Where To Go

If you are on vacation and a hurricane comes, check with the homeowner or rental agency to see what the plan of action is regarding refunds. If you have the opportunity to evacuate early enough, it is best to go home as once the hurricane passes, if there is a direct hit, damage will effectively end your vacation.

If you live in the area, head upstate and away from the coast to stay safe. Remember, large storm systems often generate strong wind, lightning, and even tornadoes, so it is best to get far away from its path.

Make a Plan

Decide what you want to do in the event of an evacuation well in advance. That will help prevent stress later so that you know what you need to do to stay safe.

As for now, we will keep you posted regarding any storm heading toward Edisto Beach.

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