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Edisto Beach Loggerhead Sea Turtle

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There are few things more romantic than heading out to the beach after the sun goes down. Perhaps that’s why sea turtles use this time to come up to the shore and lay their eggs under the cloak of the moonlight.

If you’re interested in heading out to watch this phenomenal event, but don’t want to disturb the nesting loggerheads, then check out the Edisto Beach State Park’s for a nighttime guided beach walk. This walk offers participants the opportunity to see nesting loggerhead sea turtles in action.

These walks take place from 9-11 p.m. every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night in June and July. They’re $10 for children ages 11 to 15 and $15 for everyone ages 16 and up. Advanced registration is required, so call 843-869-4430 to make a reservation.

The best part about these walks is it gives participants a chance to watch one of the most incredible natural sights on the beach. Plus, these guided walks ensure the turtles are not disturbed, which means the female loggerheads are better able to nest without expending more energy than necessary.

If you happen to be walking the beach at night by yourself and come upon a nesting turtle, remember to avoid using any flashlights or the light from your mobile phones as this can distract the turtles. Also, do not try to help the turtles in any way. They know what they’re doing and do not need assistance. If you do want to help the turtles, just make sure you collect any trash from the beach during the day and never leave anything behind. When the beach is free from any obstacles, it makes it easier for the turtles to nest.

As the season moves forward, more and more turtles will be coming up and soon their eggs will hatch. Until then, keep an eye out for turtles on the beach. It’s one of the most incredible things you’ll ever see. Plus, as long as we do our part to keep the beaches clean and safe, turtles will continue to return to our island for decades to come.

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