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Edisto is one of the few places in the world where the same vacationers come back year after year. Spending a week or two each year on her beaches, trails, and waters just isn’t enough. A true Edisto-lover  doesn’t even think of other places to vacation; a true Edisto-love knows that no other place will ever compare to all that Edisto has to offer.

That is why it’s up to every man, woman, and child who comes over the McKinley Washington Bridge and onto the island to keep the island and its beaches clean.

While the Great American Clean Up campaign is held every spring and fall on the beach, it is important for all residents and vacationers on the island to be good stewards on the beach all year long. From time to time, stray pieces of trash do stay on the beach long after the rightful owners have gone home, so it is a good rule of thumb to throw away any trash left behind, regardless of if you’re the one who left it there. Not only are these items unpleasant to look it, they are also dangerous for wildlife on the beach

For instance, plastic bags in the water can confuse marine life that try to consume the plastic thinking that it is something edible like a jellyfish.

In addition to keeping the beaches and island free of litter, it is also important to respect the environment without disturbing its natural setting.

While collecting sea shells and sharks teeth is something everyone likes to do, it is best to leave some items like star fish and sand dollars behind if they are still living. A quick way to check if these sea creatures are alive is to see if their small fibrous “legs” are moving. If they’re moving, they’re alive.

Filling in any holes dug on the beach and knocking over sand castles at the end of the day is also important as these can provide obstacles to the Loggerheads who come upon the shore to nest.

All of the measures responsible locals and vacationers take ensure that the Edisto way of life can continue for many more years to come.

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