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Edisto Beach Vacation Homes

The season of summer vacation has come to an end and now it’s time to get ready to enjoy the off-season.

Just because the calendar says it’s September doesn’t mean the weather on Edisto has given any indication that fall is on the horizon. It’s still hot and humid with temperatures in the 80s and 90s on a daily basis. The ocean temperature is as refreshing as ever and the beach is even more inviting now that there is hardly anyone here.

It’s the perfect time to consider spending more than a week or two in the area and to opt for a long term rental.

Extended stays on Edisto give visitors a chance to really live life like a native Edistonian. Vacationers often say that their weeklong vacations here are almost exhausting because they feel the need to soak up every ounce of sun available either by swimming, golfing, boating, fishing, or doing whatever else they feel like on vacation, but they don’t really ever take the time to just do absolutely nothing for fear of wasting precious Edisto time. But if you stay here for a month or longer, you’ll find that there is plenty of time to do nothing more than sit back and relax.

Finding a place to stay that accepts long-term rentals all depends on where you want to be during your getaway. Keep in mind that the cooler temperatures of fall allow for windows and porch doors to be open so the sound of the surf can be heard from virtually any house on Edisto Beach even if you’re not right on the water.

If you want to stay on the water, consider staying in Crowfield. This is an older beach cottage on St. Helena Sound with views of both Otter and Pine Island. The sand down in this area, known as the sound, is softer and whiter than the sand on the Atlantic portion of the beach. It’s also experienced less erosion so there is more room for long leisurely walks.

This house has five bedrooms and sleeps 10 comfortably. It’s also got four bathrooms, cable TV, a screened deck, and sun porch. The fireplace at Crowfield gives visitors a chance to experience what it’s like to hear the surf pounding outside while listening to the crackle of an indoor fire.

If you want to have beach views without staying on the beach, considering staying in Belvedere. This is a two-story home on Palmetto Blvd. with views of the beach from its upper and lower decks. It has an open floor plan and features bedrooms on both levels, which makes it perfect for families with grown children or for anyone who plans on having guests from time to time and wants a little privacy.

Beach walk homes are also available and vary in size from cozy beach cottages with only two bedrooms to larger homes with five bedrooms. A beach walk home is always less than a ten minute walk from the beach, so visitors never have to worry about sacrificing a beach vacation while staying in a home nestled in the abundant oak trees all throughout the town.

One beach walk home available for long term rentals is the aptly-named home, Serenity. This house is on Jungle Road and has its own private lagoon. It offers marsh views, fishing and crabbing in the lagoon, and is just one block away from the Atlantic portion of the beach. A house like this almost guarantees you’ll spend more time enjoying the outdoors from a rocking chair than sitting indoors.

Homes are also available for long term rentals in the Wyndham resort. One of the Oristo cabins is available for a steal and if visitors purchase an amenities pass they have direct access to the on-site gym, pool, miniature golf course, 18-hole golf course, and so much more. Grover’s restaurant is located within the resort and provides a variety of different meals from buffalo wings to fresh tuna to steaks. The cabins make for the perfect cozy getaway for couples and are also perfect for anyone looking to spend some alone time on Edisto.

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