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Taking dogs on vacation usually sounds like a good idea to humans, but dogs don’t really like it. They love to have a routine and be around their favorite people, but when a family vacation occurs, dogs tend to get a little stressed out. Even the most docile pet that never wanders might get a wild hair on vacation and run off and cause its family extreme distress during their vacation.

So if you find yourself vacationing on Edisto Beach with your beloved pooch and it runs off, don’t panic. First, look around your house and the street you are staying on. They generally don’t go far. They get confused about their new surroundings and if they can’t find their way back to the rental house, the dogs typically go to wherever people are. Unfortunately, this usually means they are in the road or on the beach.

Thankfully, the wonderful vacationers and locals on the beach are always quick to take in a missing dog. But then they often wonder what to do with the dog. Here is what should be done if you find a dog on Edisto Beach:

First, call the town of Edisto Beach at (843) 869-2505. Many times people call the town and tell them they found a dog. They will generally refer you to Animal Lovers of Edisto, but keep in mind that ALOE is not animal control. We’re a small group of volunteers and not equipped to take in every dog due to our limited space. However, we’re happy to help relocate a dog with its owner. Contact ALOE by calling either Margaret at (843) 869-3869, Ken at (843) 869-2704, or Dana at (843) 869-0664.

It’s also important to check the billboard above the town’s water station and read the signs posted on the ice chests outside of the Piggly Wiggly to see if information about the missing dog has been posted by its owner.

While waiting to reunite a dog with its owner, give it some water and a little food. Generally, they’re too anxious to eat, but you never know how long the dog has been on its own. Try walking the dog up and down streets in the area to see if either the dog recognizes where it should be or if its owners spot it.

Just recently, a small Jack Russell was on the loose with his leash still attached to him. It took about four hours, but thanks to some beachgoers who saw the lost dog and took him in, he was reunited with his family who was driving around looking for him.

If the lost dog appears aggressive or ill, call Animal Control at (843) 893-2651.

Remember, it is always important to have your dog wear a collar with identifying informational tags. Microchipping is also important as that provides a way to identify a dog even if the dog has somehow gotten out of its collar. ALOE is equipped to scan dogs to see if they are chipped. It’s also important to remember that Edisto Beach’s leash law is in effect from May 1 to Oct 1 so dogs cannot be off a leash in the town of Edisto Beach.

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