New To-Do’s This Summer Season

There are some new things every visitor to Edisto should check out this summer season.

To begin with, every Wednesday visitors to Edisto get a chance to support some of the local artists and artisans who come out to Bay Creek Park for the vendor’s market. This began last year, but now it’s bigger and better.

The market is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Wednesdays only and features all sorts of items from paintings to hand-made jewelry and crafts and much more. The newest addition to the market is the Colleton County Bookmobile.

The bookmobile offers visitors the chance to check out a book or two while on vacation without having to drive off of the beach. To rent books, however, one must have a valid Colleton County Memorial Library card and have residency in Colleton County.

Then there’s the RedBox dvd kiosk outside of the Piggly Wiggly and inside the Horizon gas station. Granted, going to the Island Video in Palmetto Plaza is surely a favorite thing to do amongst visitors who have made getting a video and ice cream a tradition over the years, but these new kiosks provide additional options for movie-seekers.

You might also want to get out to the Serpentarium to check out the creatures living there and participate in the weekly hula hoop contest. Call 869-1171 for more information about when the hula hoop contests will take place.

Other than that, all the other things we all know and love about Edisto are still here ready to be enjoyed.

  1. Actually the DVD kiosk in the Horizon gas station is not a red box. Granted, it is a “red” box, it is actually quite different. It is $1.25 to rent vs. redbox which is $1.28. There is a customer sevice line to call in case of a question or complaint. Each movie is in it’s original box vs. how redbox puts them in blank sleeves. The EZ DVD Kiosk gets most new releases A MONTH in advance of redbox! Us this coupon code and get a FREE rental today: FREEDVD.

    On a separate note. The Horizon/EZ Shop now has F’real milkshakes right next to the DVD Kiosk. You can get real milkshakes, smoothies, and coffee drinks to go with your movies!

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