Charleston Named Friendliest City In The World

Charleston Named Friendliest City

Have you ever noticed how, when you’re at Edisto, everyone waves as you pass by? How perfect strangers smile at you? How everyone is so gosh darn nice to each other? Well, the rest of the world has noticed the Lowcountry’s affable behavior, too – Charleston has now been dubbed the friendliest city in the world according to the Conde Naste Traveler’s 29th annual Reader’s Choice Awards.

While this isn’t particularly surprising for those of us who live here, it is a great honor to add another feather in Charleston’s cap. After all, it was only last month that Travel + Leisure magazine named this beautiful corner of the country we call home the “Best City in the World.”

So what is it about the Holy City that travelers all over the globe deem Her worthy of top honors this year?

“People speak to each other!” said one traveler. “The city is so lovely and easy to get around on foot,” said another. “Everything in Charleston is perfectly designed for visitors to be comfortable, safe, and well taken care of,” chimed in another.

In short, the people in Charleston are just about as nice as they come. And while Edisto lies just outside the perimeter of the city, we’re positive people who’ve visited must have also had the friendly vibe of this beloved beach town in mind too.

It’s the Lowcountry way. No matter if you were born in the Charleston area or fell in love with it from afar and decided to sojourn here from some other place, there’s an inherent understanding that we’re nothing if not hospitable here in the Holy City.

This seems especially true at Edisto, where things move a little slower and day-to-day life has a decidedly (lovely) small town feel.

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