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Visitors to Edisto Beach may have noticed that there’s been some activity in the old welcome center right on the corner of Jungle Road and Highway 174. That’s because the town’s only art gallery, Palmetto Moon, is now open.

The gallery, owned by Elizabeth Guilherme, provides local Edisto artists and artisans a place to feature their handcrafted arts and crafts. One look at the store, which backs right up against the marshland, and it’s apparent that virtually everything inside its walls was inspired by Edisto natural beauty. Much of the artwork for sale captures the beauty of an Edisto sunset, heat of summer, and sparkle of the ocean.

The store offers a variety of paintings, small sculptures and handmade vases, jewelry, note cards, tables made from the bases of live oak trees, and much more. Because all of the products are handmade, customers will discover that they will find new things in the store each time they go.

Prices vary from $5 to $700 so there will always be something for everybody and every budget.

Although this time of year is slow, when spring comes around, Guilherme said she is interested in having the local artists come to the store for workshops and events like meet and greets so customers can get a chance to speak with the people who created the items in the store.

Currently, the store is open from 10am to 4pm Thurs-Sat or customers can call (843) 631-0170 or call (843) 869-4002 to ask for Guilherme to open the store at special times if possible.

Be sure to visit the store at 101 Jungle Road the next time you’re in town.

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