Plan Ahead: High Season is Just Six Months Away!

Edisto Beach Vacation Homes

As the first snowfall of the year occurs in many places throughout the country, remember this comforting thought: High season is just six months away.

That’s right, summer is basically right around the corner. Sure, it might not feel like it if you’re dealing with frigid temperatures right now and staring at Christmas decorations, but it’s true. In just six months many of you will be right here on the island basking in all its glory.

So what do you plan to do this summer for vacation? Spend time out on the water fishing? Camp out in a lawn chair on the beach? Float up and down the waves in a raft? Personally, all three sound like a total delight.

While it may seem ridiculous to plan for your summer vacation now, it’s traditionally a go-to time for Edisto diehards to reserve the houses they want. You might even take it upon yourself to stay somewhere different this year (seriously, a deepwater home with dock access is completely amazing, especially if you’ve reached the stage where little ones aren’t begging to be in the water all hours of the day).

Or go hog-wild and rent a beach front home with a pool. For many people, this might stretch the budget a little too far, but many of these houses can accommodate more than 10 people, so it’s possible to offset the costs by splitting the rental charge with friends.

Not ready to book a house? That’s okay, too. Now is the perfect time to sit back and pretend you’re at the beach already. Maybe in your mind you’re sitting on the porch of your favorite beach home sipping on a cold glass of sweet tea and enjoying an heirloom tomato from King’s Market. Or maybe you’re imagining what it’s like as you cruise the Atlantic on a perfectly sunny day.

Whatever your go-to thought is regarding the amazingness of Edisto, just know that summer will be here before you know it. Until then, think about the beach and what you plan to do this summer. Edisto will be waiting when you get here.

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