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Edisto Beach is the type of place that gets inside you. It’s the warm, salty air; the Spanish moss that drapes itself across the branches of live oak trees and canopies the sandy roads; and the way time slow down so you can savor every moment.

No matter how many times you’ve been to the island or the lowcountry, one of the best ways to really appreciate and feel Edisto, is to take part in an ecotour.

Edisto ecotours expertly blend information about the plants and animals that make up Edisto Island the surrounding area while bringing in elements of history and fun.

For instance, with Botany Bay Ecotours, which are led by the island’s own native biologist, cultural and native history are interwoven, so participants understand our unique island. While on the tour, it’s common for participants to see dolphin feeding, sea turtles popping up in the water before slinking back into the depths, a variety of birds of prey along the marshes, jellyfish, alligators, and even a Rhesus monkey – depending on the route.

Routes for ecotours vary depending on what participants want to experience. Some of the most popular routes take visitors through Big Bay Creek and into St. Helena Sound, which is rife with dolphin. In fact, going out on the water in this area means tour-goers are almost guaranteed to see numerous dolphin.

For those interested in Morgan Island, which is home to a colony of free-roaming Rhesus monkeys, ecotours head toward Beaufort and through the ACE Basin, which is a combination of three rivers. While participants are not allowed to set foot on Morgan Island, it’s still possible to see the monkeys from the boat.

Another popular ecotour blends in information about the Gullah people and culture, which makes up a huge portion of Edisto’s history and heritage. 

Not sure what you’re interested in or just want to get out on the water? Look into the ecotours on Edisto and you’ll be sure to learn something while having a great time. After all, there is no better way to get to know Edisto than to see the island from the many waterways that surround her. 

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