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Edisto Beach Vacation Homes

One trip to Edisto Beach is all it takes to become hooked.

Families, friends, couples, and everyone else come down to this time-forgotten coastal town for a couple of weeks every year and it make it their home away from home.

Many of these people have been to Edisto more times than they can count. They make the long drive down Highway 174 as it winds its way through the dense forest and marshland knowing that when it curls into Palmetto Boulevard their vacation has begun.

While the ocean is what draws so many of Edisto’s visitors to her beach, it’s also the reason the vast majority of the rental homes are raised up on pilings, which makes vacationing a bit difficult for anyone wheelchair-bound or with any other limitations that make getting up and down flights of stairs a hardship. Fortunately, more and more houses on Edisto feature elevators.

Edisto Beach offers several homes with elevators, many of which are on the beach.

All of these homes combine the convenience of ease-of-access with the good times that only an Edisto vacation can bring. Keep in mind the almost every store and restaurant on Edisto is handicapped accessible. Beach-friendly wheelchairs can also be rented from the Town of Edisto Beach so nobody has to miss out on any part of their vacation.

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