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Spending a lifetime on Edisto means plenty of my memories center around my family members fishing and crabbing off of front beach. There were the times my grandpa would cast a line and watch as all of the grandkids swam, the times my dad would wade out into the water to drop a crab pot, and the numerous times my brother would walk right into the fishing line as if unaware of its existence.

When families go on a beach vacation or for all of those who live at the beach, it is natural that one would expect to stand on the beach and fish or crab. However, some people want to make it so that fishing and crabbing off the beach is banned.

Recently, the Beachfront Management Committee entertained the idea of banning fishing and crabbing from the beach. According to the Town of Edisto Beach’s website, this committee was formed in May of 2012 to make recommendations to town council regarding beachfront management issues. Some of the issues they tackle include groin maintenance, beach erosion, and beach nourishment. The committee is to develop, advocate, and coordinate policy recommendations to the council about beachfront management programs and practices.

This group is met in August to discuss this proposed ban, and luckily it was not recommended to go any further. The group did make a point of saying that when ideas are brought their way it is their duty to make sure those ideas are at least discussed. That is why it is important for anyone interested in the town’s activities that impact our way of life should attend these various meetings.  

Many coastal towns do have fishing bans for the safety of swimmers and anglers. This is because in some instances the act of fishing can draw predators such as sharks to the shallow water. That’s not to say these predators are not already in the shallow water. It’s also important for areas to not become over-fished, which is why anglers should always respect the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources recommendations and laws pertaining to fishing, crabbing, etc.

If you would like to be present for any meetings visit the to view the calendar of events pertaining to town council, planning commission, and committee meetings.  

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