Edisto Flood Update

If you were visiting Edisto Island this weekend – or perhaps marooned on the island- then you might be wondering what is going on with all this flooding. Well, here are the details.

After a particularly high tide, slight storm surge from Hurricane Joaquin, and 10 inches of rainfall in a short period of time, most low-lying areas and roadways became flooded in the town of the beach and the island itself. As of now, many roadways are still closed as they are impassable due to high water.

The South Carolina Emergency Management Division reported Saturday, Oct. 3 that the seawall at the beach had been breached, which cause significant flooding. Because of this breach, a state of emergency was declared for the town.

As of now, the water remains high and residents and visitors are being asked to stay off of the roadways if travel is unnecessary. It is also important to remember that flooded areas should be avoided as this water contains not only harmful debris that could cause injury, but flood waters can possess strong currents that could be dangerous.

In addition, flood water in the area of Wyndham Ocean Ridge, specifically Gun Bluff, Battery Park, and Cloud Circle contains sewer overflow due to the heavy rains. According to a notice from the Town of Edisto Beach, the town’s pump station is continuously operating to help alleviate this runoff. The town will monitor the situation to let residents know of any possible contamination.

If you have a trip scheduled to Edisto Beach, be sure to call your rental agency to make sure that the roads to your rental home are passable.

According to the National Weather Service, heavy rain will continue to fall throughout the first part of the week. This rain will add to the flooding, and flash flood warnings are in effect for the beach and the island. Remember to be careful when driving as the water on many of the roadways is dangerously high.

It is also important to stay out of the ocean at this time as in times of flood bacteria and harmful debris could make swimming dangerous. The strong currents and rip tide in effect can also lead to treacherous situations.

We will keep you posted about any other flood-related activity happening on the island. Remember to stay safe and avoid unnecessary risk.

  1. Thanks for the update and keep up the good work! We are praying that everyone is safe and that there isn’t significant damage.

  2. We love Edisto and pray that all the people and places that we love there stay safe.  

    I hope that you will post volunteer opportunities for those of us who may travel there in the next few weeks.  I would love to be of service if needed.

  3. I HOPE AND PRAY ALL WILL BE BETTER REALLY SOON. We love Edisto and have a time share there. I  just want all to be well. Everynone at Wyndham have my prayers.

  4. My sister is out of town and her house is near the Edistonian.  Can anyone please tell me how it is in that area.  She is on a cruise and I cannot reach her, but I would like to know what she might be coming home to.  Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the update here! I’m getting married on Saturday and have a honeymoon planned at the Wyndam Ocean Ridge. We’ve  been wondering about conditions, we’re driving down from Ky, does anyone know how the roads are getting there? From what I read 26 is pretty bad, can anyone confirm?

  6. @Bee_Lyte I was wondering the same thing! Coming from Charlotte down 77 to 26 and then 95 ….. husband wants to brave it but im not so sure its a smart idea. Ive heard 95 and 26 are still closed in sections. Im wondering how SC-64E , US-17N and 174 are doing…..Its  swamp area normally, cant imagine its in good shape right now….

  7. @Bee_Lyte The roads to Edisto are OK.  Interstate 95 from Florence to the intersection of !-95 and I-26.  There is still some standing water in a few areas at the West end of the Island, but it is slowly receding.    SC 64 was covered in water Monday but yesterday the water had receded..  174 is fine as the causeway going in Edisto.   US 17 from Jacksonboro to 174 is fine as well.  I did not drive through the Wyndham to assess the standing water. I-26 from Columbia to I-95 is fine (parts are under construction) but is taking additional traffic diverted from Florence, SC for the I-95 detour.

  8. I saw where they are evacuating the Edisto River, wondering what the impact will be at the Wyndham property.  Earlier post indicated they had sewer issues, and update as of 10/10?

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