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One of the best things about Edisto is that those who love it find any reason to visit. With Easter right around the corner, you have all the reason you need to come down for some lowcountry fun.

With several churches that cater to virtually all denominations, you’ll definitely be able to find a service to attend on Easter Sunday.

The best thing though about coming to Edisto for Easter is getting the opportunity to experience our spring weather.

This time of year is absolutely perfect with the blue skies, warm temperatures, and blooming flowers. To really experience this spring-time beauty, head out to Botany Bay for a driving or walking tour.

You can also experience Edisto’s natural beauty by exploring the trails at the Edisto Beach State Park. This is one of my favorite things to do as each time it’s possible to experience something you’ve never seen before.

For instance, while walking along the trail, you’re likely to see all kinds of wildlife from deer to eagles (yes, really) to the occasional snake or mouse. Even though these trails are well-traveled and groomed, they still provide a feeling of what it must have been like to be living on the island long before it was settled by Europeans centuries ago.

Of course no trip to Edisto is complete without taking plenty of time out to do nothing other than sitting on the beach. Plus, now that it’s spring, keep an eye out for the baby dolphins that swim alongside their mothers. You’ll be able to see them break through the water as they swim in the same pattern as their mothers within the pod.

This is also a great time of year for beachcombing as the crowds have yet to come around, so you’re likely to find incredible shells and sharks teeth right in the sand. Here’s a helpful hint: Look for sharks teeth next to the pilings on the beach during low tide.

If you can bring yourself to leave Edisto for an afternoon, head off into Charleston and experience the city before the tourist season really amps up. After a lifetime in the area, walking along the waterfront downtown Charleston never gets old.

So, are you coming down for Easter? If so, what things do you like to do?

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