Shake off Winter on Edisto Beach

Edisto Beach Vacation Homes

What better way to shake off a long winter than to come to Edisto Beach? Now that spring break season is upon us, it’s time to get to the island, thaw out, and soak up some sun.

This time of year is perfect for a getaway. The crowds have yet to arrive, prices on rentals are low, and the weather is gorgeous. Here’s what to expect during a trip to Edisto Beach in the spring.

Your Own Private Getaway

Sure, many people are on spring break and decide to travel, but they don’t all come to Edisto. That means this time of year – while more popular than the winter months – is still pretty quiet. It’s likely that you won’t even see another soul while out on the beach or walking one of the many trails on the island.

It also means you won’t wait long for a table at restaurants if you even have to wait at all. For those of you familiar with Edisto’s grocery store situation and the madhouse it can be, the Bi-Lo is well-stocked this time of year and you won’t ever have to battle a spring breaker for a pack of English muffins.

Best of all, the lack of crowds means visitors and locals get the opportunity to really absorb the beauty of the island while relaxing in nature.

Get a Bargain

Rental home prices are lower this time of year than during the high season, which is just a few short months away. This provides the perfect opportunity to snag a beach front home or deep-water paradise for a steal.

You can also consider taking advantage of the lower prices by staying in an area that you have yet to experience. For instance, if you always stay on the beach, check out a place on Jungle or Docksite Road to view the marsh and wildlife.

If you’ve always stayed in a condo, use the opportunity to rent a house on one of the side streets or along Palmetto Boulevard.

You could also check out the Edisto Beach State Park and really get back to nature. The state park allows for visitors to stay in tents, RVs, and even in cabins. Plus, this time of year is so temperate it is much more enjoyable to spend the time outdoors than it is during the summer months.

Perfect Weather

Sunny skies, ocean breezes, and temperatures in the 70s? It doesn’t get much better than that. Edisto knows how to do spring weather. Sure, it’s not necessarily warm enough to take a dip in the Atlantic, but it’s excellent for going out on the boat, casting a line, or sunning in the sand.

What Are You Waiting For

If you can practically smell the ocean air and feel the sand beneath your feet just by reading this blog post, then you know it’s time to come to the island.

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