Dog Days of Summer: Tips for Bringing Fido to Edisto Beach

Edisto Beach Vacation Homes

Everyone loves a good beach vacation and that includes your dogs.

If you come to Edisto Beach and struggle with the decision of whether to bring your dog with you or not, perhaps these tips will help you out.

If you’re renting a house or a condo, check out the pet policy. After all, many are pet friendly. Sure, they may require a deposit, but that should not be a problem if your pet doesn’t tear the place to shreds. However, many times dogs get a little scared in an unfamiliar house, so boarding is another option. So, what’s a dog owner to do?

Well, now you can bring your dog with you and have him or her stay at Edisto Kennels. The island’s first boarding facility is now open. Edisto Kennels, located at 960 Walwood Road (near George and Pink’s) offers daycare and overnight boarding. Call Edisto Kennels at 843-631-0144 for more information.

That means you can bring your dog to the beach and board him or her during the day and then enjoy your time together at night.

After all, dogs love coming to the beach. They get the chance to roll in the sand, swim in the ocean, go out fishing and enjoy the sunshine.

Plus, if you come during the off season, your dog can run free on the beach! You’ll never play a better game of fetch than one on the beach. This, of course, is only true if your dog doesn’t find a washed up jellyfish to roll on.

If you take your dog out to some of the creeks on the island, be mindful of the surroundings so that your beloved Fido doesn’t come across a hungry snake or alligator. Other than that, Edisto is perfect for our furriest friends.

Overall, Edisto is a family beach, and families include our pets. So this year, bring your dog to the beach and let the whole family enjoy all of what the island has to offer.


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