Edisto Area Parks (Some You May Not Know About)

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Even after dozens of visits to Edisto Beach, there’s always something new to discover. If you’re ready to have your mind blown with some not-so-secret gems in town, then keep reading.

Did you know there are a handful of parks in the town of the beach? Of course almost everyone is aware of the fact that the Edisto Beach State Park exists, but most people have probably never heard of or seen the Burley Lyons Park.

The Burley Lyons Park, named after Edisto’s late mayor Burley Lyons, is located on Portia Street. It’s a simple park with nothing more than a large pond and a small bench, but it’s a beautiful little gem located in town.

It’s a great place to have a picnic, cast a line, or spend some time crabbing. It’s also perfect for spending a little time to oneself and enjoying the secret beauty of the park. Before heading out to the park, just be advised that no burning or cooking is allowed in the park. Visitors are also prohibited from swimming or taking watercraft into the pond.

Jungle Road Park is another hidden gem even though it’s in plain sight. This park is located behind the Food Lon on Jungle Road. It offers play equipment for children and a winding path with views of the marsh. What’s great about this park is that it provides visitors with a place to go while waiting for a table at a nearby restaurant or looking for a great shot of the marsh.

While this next park doesn’t offer any playground, it’s another delight for visitors and locals alike. Bay Creek Park is the go-to destination for the market in the summer, it’s fishing and crabbing opportunities, and the views of Big Bay Creek.

Plus, this venue is perfect for private and public events, so be sure to come out for one of the many parties held there throughout the year (especially the Shag Festival).

As an added bonus to Bay Creek Park, if you really want to take in something you might not think is open to the public, then head over to the Edisto Marina and walk the dock. While the dock slips are for owners and guests, the dock itself is open to the public. Plus, it’s a beautiful place to go to take in a sunset or watch as the dolphin feed. Click here for the map to Bay Creek Park. 

Next time you’re in town, go for a walk or bike ride and find these parks to treat yourself to a little bit of Edisto’s secret gems.

Do you have a secret gem that you like to visit when you’re in town? Let us know in the comments – unless, of course, you want your gem to remain a secret.

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