Edisto Beach, A Place for Lovers

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This time of year is one of the best times to visit especially for couples.

The weather is warm and spring-like, the crowds are non-existent, and it leaves the beach and the island wide open for couples both old and new to spend some time to get together.

Here are some of the most romantic things to do on Edisto…

Take in the Sights by Boat

Take a sunset cruise. These cruises take passengers through Edisto’s creeks and provide ample scenic views of the marshland, tidal creeks, wildlife, sunsets, and historic homes. Plus, the tours are led by captains who know the island inside and out and can provide a thorough background on both the history and ecology of the island. This trip is romantic enough for her, and full of fun things like eagles and dolphin-sightings to keep him entertained. Plus, who doesn’t love a boat ride? Call Edisto Watersports and Tackle to book your romantic trip at 843-869-0663.

Snuggle up on the Beach

This time of year is great for having the beach all to yourself. Head out to the beach with a blanket to sit on and one to snuggle up in if the weather is chilly. Watch the sun come up or go down to get a glimpse of the kind of beauty Edisto has to offer. Heading out to the beach around twilight almost guarantees some dolphin action.

Visit a Private Paradise

Botany Bay Preserve is not actually a private paradise, but it used to be. This beach opened just a few years ago for public use. Visitors walk a half-mile on a causeway through a marsh and into a maritime forest before coming out onto a wide expanse of a nearly untouched beach.

There are no homes that line the beach so it really does seem like visitors have entered into their own little world. Many people choose the location as a place to have wedding photos taken and it’s also been used as the perfect place to pop the question.

To get to Botany Bay, go down Highway 174 as if you were leaving the island and turn right onto Botany Bay Road. Follow the signs to the plantation.

Take a Ride Together

Tandem bikes are available through Edisto Essentials and Island Bikes and Outfitters so that couples can ride together all over Edisto. There’s a bike path that runs all throughout the beach and up to the state park on the island. These trails take riders through all kinds of different places on the island all of which are prime locations for a little make out action.

Plan Your Trip

No matter what you decide to do with your significant other on Edisto it is sure to be memorable; after all, Edisto’s the best place on earth. So book a trip now and come before the rush of summer. Check out the vcation rentals on this page to take advantage of some great off-season deals.



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