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Now that May is here, it’s time for dogs on the beach to get back on their leashes.

The leash law runs from now until October. This means you can take your dog down to the beach to sniff the sand, go for a swim, or just chill out, but dogs must be on a leash.

Although keeping dogs on a leash might seem like a bad thing to those who like to see their dogs run through the surf chasing after balls or washed up reeds, dogs vacationing on Edisto are lucky. Edisto is one of the few beaches in the Charleston area that allow dogs access to the beach at all.

The beach is an amazing place for dogs. It’s full of scents like washed up seaweed, cabbage roll jellyfish, driftwood and all sorts of other goodies that dogs love to sniff – and sometimes roll in.

Digging in the sand is another thing dogs love. They get on the beach and begin digging their way to China – which is all good as long as pet owners fill the holes in after the digging has commenced. This prevents obstacles on the beach for both beachgoers and sea turtles that come up to nest at night.

While some dogs get to the beach and make a beeline for the water, others are a little hesitant. If your dog likes to swim, keep in mind that the current is strong so keep an eye on your dog while he or she is out in the water.

If you’ve got a little dog or maybe an older dog that has trouble walking, try taking your dog down to the sound. This part of the beach is flat and smooth, so it’s easier to navigate than the beach that runs from the state park all the way to the 2000 block.

The only other rule on the beach is that dog owners collect any waste dogs leave behind. Doggy bags are located at each beach access for convenience.

So, if you’re local, live close enough to get to the beach for the weekend, or when you get down to Edisto for vacation, bring your dog along and share the fun of an Edisto beach trip.

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