Edisto Invitational Billfish Tournament

Experienced fisherman and newcomers alike won’t want to miss the 21st annual Edisto Marina Billfish Tournament. An Annual Edisto Tradition for 21 Years, the tournament kicks off May 13th at Edisto Marina, and comes to an exciting conclusion May 16th.
Edisto Invitational Billfish Tournament

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Every year, fisherman from all over gather together to take part in the South Carolina Governor’s Cup Tournament on Edisto Beach.

This year, the tournament begins July 23 at the Edisto Marina. The public is welcome to come out July 24 for the weigh-in, which begins at 5 p.m.

What is the S.C. Governor’s Cup Billfishing Series?

For many years, Edisto Beach has had the privilege of hosting the tournament at the Edisto Marina.

The fishing tournament was started by Governor Carroll Campbell, but is an official program put on by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources along with the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism in addition to the Harry R.E. Hampton Wildlife Fund.

Each year, fishermen come from all over to participate in the event, which starts with a blessing of the fleet out at Trinity Episcopal Church. From there, the fishermen (and women) head back to the marina for a captains’ meeting, dinner, and “tournament within a tournament.”

Over the course of the next three days, participants go out on the water to try and reel in the biggest fish possible. Official weigh-ins take place at the marina from 5-8 p.m. each day. The public is welcome to attend the weigh-ins and the events that follow.

What Can I Do at the Weigh-In?

There are two types of people who attend the weigh-ins: Fish enthusiasts looking to see some giant sea creatures while drinking some beer, and everyone else.

Even if you’re not into fish, seeing what the fishermen bring in after a day out on the water is impressive. These fish are far from the small ones caught right off the shore. Many are the size of a grown man while others are slightly smaller, but just as amazing to see.

Plus, food and beverages are available for everyone from the fishermen to spectators and there’s live music, so it’s quite the party environment. You can also head up to Pressley’s, the restaurant located above the marina, to enjoy a meal after participating in the festivities.

What Happens at the End of the Tournament?

The tournament wraps up and the awards presentation takes place in the late afternoon. Once the awards presentation ends, live music starts and everyone parties into the night.

The last night of the Governor’s Cup is always a lively one and if you have yet to experience it, take advantage of the opportunity this year.

Be sure to pick up an official Governor’s Cup t-shirt from the store at the marina to commemorate your experience with Edisto’s biggest fishing tournament. They go like hotcakes, so act fast to get yours.

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