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A trip to the island isn’t complete without spending time out on the water.

Before we get any deeper into this, here’s a disclaimer: If you don’t have a boat, you might get jealous while reading this post.

Many times, visitors staying on the island rent homes with deepwater access. That means these individuals can stroll out their backdoor, walk down a personal dock and hop on a boat. Within seconds, they’re out on the water living and loving life.

However, even those without access to the water can take advantage of one of the many boat ramps on the island.

The Edisto Beach State Park offers the Live Oak Landing, which is accessible off of Hwy 174 on Palmetto Road. For a small fee, visitors may launch their boats at the dock.

Exploring the waterways from this location provides boaters with the chance to take in the beauty of the marshland or make their way across Big Bay Creek and spend some time in St. Helena Sound. Anyone up for some adventure can go a little farther and zip along front beach in the Atlantic, but it can get a little rough depending on the wind.

If you do opt to launch your boat from the Live Oak launch, take the time to toss out an anchor and explore Pine Island. This white sand island is uninhabited land that is home to a maritime forest and several horseshoe crabs. It’s well worth the visit, but be sure to align this adventure with the tides.

If you’re staying farther inland, try the Steamboat Landing or Dawhoo Landing. The Steamboat Landing is located just six miles from the beach off of Steamboat Landing Road, which is off of Hwy 174. (In addition to offering access to the water, this road is one of the most scenic on the islands as it offers ample views of the marshland.

The Dawhoo Landing is 11 miles from the beach and just under the McKinley Washington Bridge. This offers direct access to the intracoastal waterway and provides one of the fastest routes (by water) to Charleston.

Both of these routes put boaters on a direct path to Charleston, Beaufort, or one of the many islands in between. If you launch from the Steamboat Landing, head over to Red’s Ice House located on nearby Seabrook Island. Once there, dock your boat and stroll on into the restaurant for a meal.

Spending time out in the rivers and ocean surrounding the island highlight the true beauty of Edisto. It’s the perfect opportunity to view the numerous dolphin, sea turtles and other marine life in the water.

You might also spend some time dropping a line into the water and trying your hand at fishing in the island’s waters. Just make sure you get a fishing license first to comply with state law.

If you prefer to be on the water without any real adventure planned, that’s okay, too. There are few things better than spending time in Big Bay Creek watching as the sun sets in the horizon.

No matter what you decide to do on your boat adventure on the island, it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience.

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