Golf Carts: Rules to Consider this Season

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There are two types of people on Edisto Beach: Those who love golf carts and those who hate them with a passion.

Admittedly, being behind a golf cart on Jungle Road while trying to get to the Bi-Lo for that last-minute ingredient can be maddening, but the fact is, golf carts are legal to be on certain streets within the state of South Carolina.

However, there are some camps of people who are trying to make it so that golf carting around is more enforced and/or done away with altogether.

So, as of now, golf carts are permitted to be on side streets and Jungle Road unless they meet specific requirements to be considered street worthy. In that case, they can be on Palmetto Boulevard, however, the vast majority of golf carts seen in the town of Edisto Beach should never be on Palmetto unless it is to cross the street to a beach access.

To ensure that golf cart usage on Edisto Beach remains safe and open to anyone who abides by the rules, remember the following:

  • All golf carts require a state DMV golf cart permit.
  • Operators of golf carts must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Golf carts can only be operated during daylight hours. You will be pulled over after dark!
  • Golf carts can only be operated within 4 miles of your residence (or rental property).
  • Golf carts can only be used on secondary streets. This means do not use the golf cart on Palmetto Boulevard or the bike path, though you can cross Palmetto Boulevard to reach a beach access.
  • Open container law and drunk driving laws apply to golf cart operators.

What many individuals don’t like about golf cart usage on Edisto Beach is that many times, it appears that children who are not licensed drivers drive these with friends throughout the town. In addition, many golf carts take over the bike lanes on Jungle Road or drive erratically.

It’s important to remember to use hand signals and obey traffic laws, so that drivers of other motor vehicles understand what golf cart operators are doing.

While it’s not a rule, many times traffic backs up behind a golf cart during the high season, which is frustrating. If this happens, remember that golf carts can only be passed in passing zones.

Overall, taking the time to be safe and courteous goes a long way. The majority of individuals using golf carts act this way, which is why it would be a shame if any ordinances were passed preventing golf carts from being in the town.

Remember, nearby beach communities have enacted such ordinances, but Edisto has always been different from these other communities. Let’s keep it this way.

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