A Taste of What Mother Nature has to Offer

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It’s been a crazy couple of years in terms of weather on Edisto Beach. Hurricanes, flooding and now a winter storm haven given Edisto a taste of what mother nature has to offer.

This week’s winter storm that dumped inches of snow and ice in the lowcountry has turned our island into a winter wonderland. This area hasn’t had this much accumulation since the late 1980s.

People in the area are taking advantage of the weather and sledding on the beach, skating in the streets, and having snowball fights.

While it’s beautiful and amazing to see this type of weather on the island, it’s caused quite a lot of problems with travel and there have been numerous power outages.

Unlike many other communities that are used to winter weather, the lowcountry doesn’t have a plethora of salt trucks and snow plows. Many roads in the area are slick with ice and anyone using the roads should use extreme caution, especially on bridges and overpasses.

Although temperatures are rising slightly, there are many areas covered in black ice, which is difficult to see, especially to those unfamiliar with driving in winter weather conditions.

At present, with slippery roads and thick ice coating virtually everything outside, if you don’t have to travel, then stay home.

In addition to problems on the roads, the runways were closed at the Charleston International Airport, which impacted travel significantly.

There is also a small craft warning in the area due to wind and sea conditions.

Conditions are expected to improve over the weekend, and mild, normal weather for this time of year will come back to the area by midweek.

Meanwhile, if you’re in the area, the Bi-Lo is open as are many restaurants.

Remember to use caution while driving if you do venture out in the winter weather and enjoy the rare winter conditions on the island.

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