Indian Summer

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Now that Labor Day has come and gone and the high season is officially over, many people feel like summer has slipped away. But that’s only because they’ve not yet experienced Edisto’s Indian Summer.

We know that this time of year means the kids are back in school and it is hard to get away, but that is why it is the perfect time to visit the island. The crowds are gone; seriously. It’s possible to go to the grocery, get what you need, walk right up to the cash register, pay, and leave. This is a magical feeling for those of us that live here and have to deal with the summer crowds (yes, we love you all, but sometimes you really just want to get your carton of milk and be on your way).

What is really perfect about this time of year is that it is still summer in every sense of the word. Even the calendar says it is still summer. The temperatures are still soaring, the ocean is as warm as ever, and there’s still nothing quite as perfect as heading out on the boat with a cold drink and taking in the sunset.

Plus, if you need to rent a place in order to stay down here for a bit, the rates are significantly lower than they are during the high season. This means you can get more for your buck and stay somewhere you never thought possible. Want to stay on front beach in a house with a pool? That’s totally do-able. Want to save money and stay on a side street? That’s do-able, too.

You can hit up all the things you’ve always wanted to do, but never did due to the summer crowds or one of the million other things that can crop up in the name of fun during a high-season vacation. Check out the Serpentarium, visit the Edisto Museum, or walk some of the trails at the state park.

Want to head into Charleston and take in some of its history? Now is a great time to visit Yorktown or Fort Sumter. You can also get to the aquarium without having to stand in line for hours on end.

Not into history? Visit Charleston and walk around downtown to take in all of its shops, galleries, and restaurants. Head into North Charleston for some outlet shopping or to watch a movie.

While there are tons of things to do if you’re in the area this time of year, there’s still nothing quite like spending the day and the nights at the beach.

If this is the time of year when you normally come to Edisto, what is your favorite thing to do?

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