Hurricane Season

Edisto Beach Vacation Homes

Hurricanes are a reality for all those who live on the coast. Fortunately, those living on Edisto Island have generally been spared from the devastating effects of these storms.

As summer continues to sizzle the area, it brings with it the chance for a hurricane. If you live here or are visiting, take a look at these tips to make sure you are prepared in the event that a hurricane makes landfall.

To begin with, make sure you have an emergency kit. This kit should contain a first-aid kit, flashlights, batteries, enough food and water to last each person in your group at least three days, and a battery-powered radio. Baby wipes, garbage bags, zip ties, and basic tools are also helpful in an emergency kit. You might also consider adding in a mask to avoid breathing in contaminated air should the storm be exceptionally bad and damage infrastructure.

Once your emergency kit is in place, consider what you will do if you are required to evacuate the island. Hurricane shelters are established during storms to provide individuals with a place to go, but many people rent hotel rooms or visit family. You might also make sure you have plans for your pets as many shelters do not allow pets.

If you’re renting a place and a hurricane comes, bear in mind that most rentals do not come with a hurricane clause, so you might miss out on some vacation days should a storm come. Try not to worry too much about this as Edisto has been very lucky in recent history.

In the case of a voluntary evacuation, which means evacuation is recommended but not mandatory, know what you will do in case of flooding, high winds, power outages, etc. Remember that with just one road on and off Edisto, if the road become impassable, it means you will be unable to make it to wherever you are going.

It’s also important to understand the difference in terms used when a hurricane threat becomes real. A hurricane watch means conditions are favorable for a hurricane, but not definite. A hurricane warning means the storm is expected to be in your area on a specific day.

Overall, our island has been spared time and time again from storms, but it always helpful to be prepared.


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