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Forget the royal baby; Edisto Island just delivered up a whole nest of Loggerheads!

Hatchlings made their way into the Atlantic Ocean after they emerged from their nest on the beach at Botany Bay. This marks the first emergence in South Carolina in 2015, proving that virtually all of nature can’t get enough of Edisto.

As mid-July approaches, more of the sea turtle nests along Botany Bay and Edisto Beach will begin to hatch, so be mindful to keep the beaches free from debris of all kinds. Clean beaches help the hatchlings make their way into the ocean without interference. This is especially helpful as hatchlings face numerous predators once in the water and surviving to adulthood is a difficult feat.

If you’re new to Edisto, you may notice the turtle nests on the beach as they are marked with wooden sticks and orange tape to protect the nests. As the nests become mature, those involved with the Edisto Beach Loggerhead Turtle Project will create a runway of sorts from the head of the nest down toward the water. This helps guide the turtles into the water.

Remember if you see a hatchling on the beach do not try to assist it in any way. If you suspect a nest or sea turtle needs help, contact the Town of Edisto Beach at 843-869-2505 ext 212.

If you’re lucky enough to see hatchlings emerge from their nest, keep a safe distance away from them to watch, but do not disturb the process. Flash photography and the lights from cell phones are a distraction to these turtles just as they are to adult turtles who are still coming to the beach to nest.

Turtle season ends October 31, so remember to respect all of the rules in place to protect these creatures. That means keeping lights off at dusk on the beach and close drapes if lights are visible on the beach.

If you want to learn more about sea turtles, check out the Edisto Beach State Park and attend one of their many turtle walks.

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