The Hotter, the Better

August on Edisto

Edisto Beach Vacation Homes

It’s hard to believe August is here. Many are already getting nervous about going back to school or having to welcome in fall temperatures. But none of that is even on our register here at the beach.

August means another great month of steamy hot weather, great waves, leisurely boat rides, tons of fishing, and drinks on the porch. If you’ve not yet made it to the beach this summer, here are the top three reasons you should come down now.

The Hotter, the Better

August temperatures are absolutely ridiculous, but in a good way. For instance, what’s better than laying out on the beach sizzling under the sun and then cooling off in the water? Nothing much comes to mind.

Not a huge fan of actually swimming in the ocean? Check out a rental that comes with a pool or stay in the Wyndham resort. You can also head into Charleston to one of the many waterparks operated by the Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission.

Crowd Control

One of the best parts about Edisto Beach is the fact that even now that it is more popular than ever, it is still far less busy than other South Carolina beaches. By August, even fewer people are around.

For those of you who have been coming to Edisto since the Dawhoo-Bridge days (or before), crowd-free Edisto seems just like the olden days.

The Best Bang for your Buck

When high-season ends in the middle of August, you’ll find that the rental price on all houses goes down significantly. That means you can finally rent the house of your dreams while basking in the joys that only summer can bring.

If you’ve never stayed on front beach before, try looking at a house down around The Point for the best of both worlds, depending on which way you walk.

We could list one thousand more reasons as to why you should come to Edisto, but anyone who truly knows and loves this place understands that any reason is reason enough to come.

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