Longtime Edisto Beach Visitors are in for a Shock this Summer Season

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Longtime visitors to Edisto Beach are in for a shock this summer season.

The beach we’ve all known and loved for so long has undergone quite the renovation to help rectify the extensive erosion it’s experienced over the years. Now, the beach is better than ever.

It’s 100 feet deep, the steep drop offs from the erosion are gone and there is plenty of room for everyone to enjoy it this summer.

The groins that line the beach are still in the process of being fully repaired and replaced. This work can only be completed during low tide, so it has taken a bit longer than estimated. Once the groins are in place, this should further help to protect the beach from erosion.

Should you get to the beach before the groin project is finished, remember to stay away from equipment and off of the groins. Standing on the groins is prohibited at all times as they can be dangerous due to the tides and waves. It’s important to watch out for them while swimming as well so as not to be washed into them.

Overall, spend the summer and seasons that follow enjoying the new and improved beach! The renourishment project is especially evident down around Point Street where the erosion was the most severe. This area’s sand dunes and beach are all healthy and ready for visitors. Plus, it’s one of the most beautiful spots along the beach.

One thing that visitors will notice is that there are no more sea oats adorning the coast. Almost all sea oats were stripped away by the storm surge of Hurricane Matthew. However in time hopefully these will be replanted so they can grow again along our beach.

Have fun this summer season at the beach and enjoy what crews spent months perfecting. Edisto Beach hasn’t been this healthy looking since the 1980s. That said, be prepared to make the summer of 2017 the best one yet!

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