Looking for Peace an Quiet? Edisto Beach in January.

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January is the quietest time of year for Edisto Beach. However, if you do find yourself down here this time of year, here’s a look at what you can expect.

Shortened Hours, Seasonal Closings, Blissful Silence

This time of year, many of the island’s businesses have shortened hours or close temporarily. That’s because in January the island has the least amount of visitors. Plus, it gives business owners a chance to prepare for the season.

Of course the gas stations and grocery store stay open. If you’ve got a favorite restaurant or shop that you like to visit, give them a call to see if they’re going to be open during your visit.

It’s likely if you’re down here this month, it’s because you plan on spending the majority of your time sitting on the beach, fishing for hours or enjoying the quiet.

Spend Time Shelling

Hurricane Matthew was awful, but it did churn up the sand enough that there are dozens of different shells, sharks teeth and fossils on the beach. You might even find interesting items that have washed up from the storm. Recently, a beachgoer found a mastodon tooth on the beach while another found a crab pot that was buried more than two feet below the surface.

Go for a Day Trip

Charleston also experiences a bit of a lull this time of year, which makes it perfect for exploring its historic downtown and famous restaurants.

If you’ve done Charleston enough over the years, try going in the opposite direction and visiting Beaufort. It’s on the water and offers numerous shops, restaurants and historical sites. It’s also just a little more than an hour from Edisto Beach.


Whatever it is you’re in town for, have a great time while you’re here. Enjoy the peace and quiet of a new year on Edisto Beach.


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