Remembering Mayor Burley Lyons

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Edisto Beach is one of the last family beaches around. That term means something different to everyone, but to most, it means a place where commercialism is at a minimum, natural beauty abounds, and good times are had thanks to the simple pleasures of life.

One man who understood that was Burley Lyons.

Lyons served as mayor for the Town of Edisto Beach for almost 20 years. During that time, he, along with members of council, helped keep Edisto the place we all know and love. He was still serving as mayor when he passed away Jan. 28.

As a lifelong South Carolinian, Lyons was born in Colleton County near Walterboro. As anyone who follows South Carolina college football knows, Lyons did the unthinkable by attending both Clemson University and the University of South Carolina.

Throughout his life, Lyons did a variety of different things, all of which contributed to the community in some way. He owned and operated Lyons Furniture Company in Barnwell with his father. He later moved to Edisto with his wife where he owned and operated The Lyons Company, a real estate and property management business.

As many are aware, he was active in city government for a number of years. Before becoming mayor, he served on town council. He was also part of a group that helped start the Edisto Chamber of Commerce.

Those familiar with Edisto Beach might even be surprised to know that Lyons was integral in the creation of Island Cove, a private community on Edisto Beach along with Oyster Park, which is a commercial development on Highway 174.

Lyons was also responsible for starting “Cousin’s Day,” which was a gathering of cousins who would get together each month for more than 29 years. He also supported numerous organizations including the Edisto Beach Baptist Church, Haiti Under God, and the Honduras Foundation.

In addition to his community outreach and business developments, Lyon was a husband, father, grandfather, and dog-lover.

If you would like to honor Lyons and support one of the organizations he championed, donations can be sent to 414 Jungle Road, Edisto Beach, SC 29438.

As for us at, we would just like to say thank you to a man who loved this place as much as we do. We promise to continue loving this piece of heaven the way Lyons did.

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