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Spring Break season is upon us and that means it’s time to kick back and relax on the beach. However, to make sure everyone has an awesome time and things don’t turn out like a Cancun trip full of girls gone wild, here are some helpful tips on how to party responsibly at the beach.

Keep it Clean

Edistonian’s tout this magical place as a family beach, but that doesn’t mean one has to avoid getting a little wild. If you enjoy an adult beverage or two (or 10), remember to clean up after yourself. Year after year litter gets left behind on the beach and this not only impacts other visitors, it can be deadly to marine life.

It’s always a good rule of thumb to bring a bag for trash anytime you go to the beach so you can pick up after yourself and anyone else who may have forgotten some trash.

Also, sea turtle nesting season is right around the corner, so it is doubly important to remember to take anything that you brought to the beach back home with you when you’re finished for the day.

Respect all Activities

Do you go to the beach to swim? How about read a book in the sun? Maybe you prefer finding shells and sharks teeth. Or maybe you like to fish or crab in the surf. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you respect those around you.

After all, nobody wants to go out for a swim just to find a gnarly piece of bait floating next to them, unless that swimmer is a pelican.

A great way around the whole swimmer vs. fisherman debacle is to swim away from fishermen and fish away from swimmers. Sure, that’s hard to do during the high season, but the last thing anyone needs is to get clotheslined by a fishing line.

Also, remember to check with the SC DNR to find all the latest information about fish that need to be thrown back.

Do Not Drink and Drive

There’s something that happens when people come to the beach. They seem to forget that there are rules here. One rule that is broke time and time again is the one about not drinking and driving. This applies to golf carts as well. Seriously.

Don’t ride on a golf cart with an open container either. Seriously.

Leave the Road Rage at Home

When you come to the beach, it’s easy to forget when you’re stuck behind the slow creep of a pack of golf carts on Jungle Road that you’re supposed to be relaxing. However, remember that they are allowed by state law to be on the roads and should be treated like any other vehicle.

Also remember that to drive a golf cart you must be a licensed driver and abide by all driving rules. Golf carts are amazing, but they’re really not meant for off-roading and other shenanigans.

Keep an eye out for everyone riding bikes, as well. Each year people get hurt on bikes, golf carts and in cars, and nobody wants to get injured while on vacation.

Remember that everyone around loves this place as  much as you do, so keep calm and adapt the Edislow way of life.

Have So Much Fun You’ll Need another Vacation

The biggest thing to do on spring break is to remember that it’s time to have so much fun you will go home exhausted, probably a little sunburned and in dire need of another trip to the island.

The Hardcore Rules

  1. No glass on the beach.
  2. No motorized vehicles on the beach.
  3. No fires on the beach. Ever.
  4. Fill in any holes you dig.
  5. Take down any tents, umbrellas or awnings at the end of the day.
  6. Pets must be leashed starting on May 1.
  7. Lights must be off on the beach beginning May 1 to protect nesting sea turtles.
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