Residents Vote June 25: Will Edisto Beach Receive Regular Water?

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EdistoHouseImagine coming to Edisto and not having to go down to town hall for drinking water. That might be a reality in the near future as town officials are toying with the idea of getting a reverse osmosis system for the town’s water supply.

While many residents of the town are not too thrilled with the thought of having to pay higher rates for the water, the ability to get water straight from the tap has got to be worth it… right?

Currently, unless the home has a reverse osmosis system, the water that comes out of the tap is chlorine-treated ground water. It’s safe for drinking and cooking (technically) but nobody actually drinks it. It’s salty and tastes nothing like regular water. Aside from not being able to drink the water, it also causes damage to appliances due to its high mineral content.

Ask anyone who owns a house on Edisto how old their appliances are and you might be shocked to know just how many dish washers and washing machines they go through. Plus, the water isn’t even good for washing cars or watering plants.

So, knowing all of this, talk of having good water is exciting for those of us who live down here (and probably for vacationers, too).

However, even if the referendum for the new system is approved in June, it would take three years before this good water comes through the pipes, but residents will start paying for it as soon as it is approved.

Naturally, many people are up in arms about the proposed change, which will take 30 years to pay off, while others are all for it.

Here are some advantages of having regular water on Edisto Beach:

  • Drinkable water fresh out of the tap

  • Appliances won’t rust and die so quickly

  • Biting down on random pieces of salt after taking a shower or brushing one’s teeth probably won’t happen as often

  • Watering the plants from the hose will be a good thing instead of certain death (for the plants)

  • Washing the car will actually be beneficial

Here are some disadvantages:

  • Rates will go up

  • It’s going to take three years… unless they get Edislow about it

  • We’ll no longer get the chance to watch visitors take a swig of tap water and then grimace from the taste

So that’s what’s going on with the water situation on Edisto. Registered voters who are residents of Edisto Beach will let their voices be heard on June 25 when the election takes place.

Stay tuned..

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