So what’s there to do in the rain?

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Looks like the rain from Friday will stick around today – along with the cooler temperatures.

So what’s there to do in the rain? There are plenty of things to keep people of every age occupied during stormy weather.

Here are some or our favorite things.

  • Check out the museum. There’s a new pirate exhibit going on (look for a blog post on that this week) so even if you’ve been to the museum before there is something new for everyone.
  • The Serpentarium is always fun even though the outdoor exhibits will be wet. However, the animals out there don’t mind so you shouldn’t either.
  • If you’re of drinking age head to one of the bars on the beach. There’s Coots Lounge, the Thirsty Fish, Dockside, and Grover’s (which is in Wyndham). It’s pretty hard to go wrong with kicking back and having a few beers while munching on some local seafood. The bars on Edisto are all kid-friendly during the day, so bring the family along.
  • If there’s no lightning (and there probably won’t be) go for a walk on the beach. Walking on the beach in the rain provides visitors with a chance to watch the ocean while it is free from swimmers and boaters. Plus, depending on the wind and tides, there is always a chance for some amazing wave action during a storm.
  • Use the time to get out and hit up some of the local shops. Palmetto Plaza on Jungle Road has an overhang so that visitors can walk from one store to the next without getting wet.

If none of these things sound like your cup of tea, don’t worry; the rain will end.

Here’s the forecast for this week.

Today will be rainy and cooler with a high of 64 degrees and a low of 51 degrees.

Tomorrow the sun will break through and warm things up a bit to 67 degrees. There is just a 10 percent chance of rain Sunday.

Some morning showers could roll in on Monday, but they should dissipate by late morning or early afternoon. There is a 30 percent chance for rain Monday. The high Monday should be in the high 60s with a low of 52 degrees.

Clouds might hang around on Tuesday and Wednesday, but the highs will be in the low 70s, so at least the weather will be warm for everyone down here on spring break.

More storms could roll in on Thursday, some of which could be severe. The high for Thursday is 68 degrees with a low of 54 degrees. There is a 30 percent chance for rain.

By Friday the storms should move out of the area to make way for sun. The high for Friday is 70 degrees with a low of 56 degrees.

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