4 Reasons to Boat on Edisto

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Do you ever find yourself on Edisto Beach thinking ‘what could make this vacation better?’ If so, the answer to that is to be at the beach and have a boat.

Sure, not everyone has a boat or friends with a boat, but if you can get your hands on a boat for your vacation, do it.

Take a look at these reasons as to why boating around the island is hands down one of the best things ever.

You’re on a Boat!

Whether you’re fishing, having some drinks, going for a ride or doing a combo of all of the above, having a boat is fantastic.

One of my favorite things is going up and down the coast off of front beach. This provides you with the opportunity to view all of the front row houses. It’s a great chance to see a blend of old and new homes If you’ve been coming to the beach for a while, it’s also a fun way to see places you may have rented in the past.

Plus, once you get past the pavilion, you can see the open expanse of the beach that spans the Edisto Beach State park.

Boat Up Restaurants

Like a swim up bar, a boat up restaurant is spectacular. Boating to Red’s on Seabrook Island is a must for anyone who has the ability.

What I like to do is head out early in the morning before the afternoon winds pick up and go straight across the front beach over to Seabrook Island. It’s the quickest route, and helps save time on the overall journey.

Once you get to the restaurant and dock your boat, you can cool off in the restaurant and have some great food and drinks.

Afterwards, the Intracoastal Waterway leads you back to Edisto. By the time you get back to Edisto, you will have gone around the entirety of the island.

Visit the Islands

You know those islands off the coast of Edisto? Those are Pine and Otter islands. Both of them are uninhabited and controlled by the state. But you can visit these islands by boat.

Warning: Only visit these islands by boat if you’re experienced in boating. You’ll need to anchor your vessel and wade through the water to get to the shore. With the strong currents and changing tides, this can be difficult.

However, if you’re familiar with this procedure, the islands are truly remarkable to see.

Many times, the shells of horseshoe crabs can be found, along with several shells, sharks teeth and all sorts of other treasures that have washed up over time.

Go for a Cruise

Simply going for a ride is my favorite part of having a boat. Heading out on the water with no real destination, having a few drinks and taking in the scenery is one of the most relaxing parts of an Edisto vacation.

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