5 Things to Remember While Visiting Edisto Beach

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Whether it’s your first trip to the beach or your millionth, it’s important to remember a few rules about visiting the beach, especially Edisto.

Respect the Turtles

First and foremost, it’s now turtle season. That means several sea turtles will be (and have been) coming up to the beach to nest.

It takes an enormous amount of energy for these turtles to come out of the water and lay their eggs, so it is important to remember the following:

  • Keep all lights off on the beach. This prevents the hatchlings from going toward the street when they hatch. It also helps nesting females to know that the location where they nest is safe for their hatchlings.
  • Clean up all items you bring to the beach. Any obstruction could result in a turtle being unable to release her eggs into a nest.
  • Do not disturb a turtle if you see it on the beach and do not take photos using flash if you see the turtle
  • As the season progresses, do not disturb any nests.

Be Safe on Golf Carts

Remember that licensed drivers are the only ones able to drive a golf cart. Plus, all rules that apply to regular vehicles apply to golf carts. This means you cannot drink and drive or have open containers on golf carts.

In addition, unless your golf cart is street legal, then you cannot take it on Palmetto Boulevard.

Golf carts are also not allowed on the bike path, however, be mindful of other drivers on the road and stay safe.

Remember Water Safety

Even on a mild day, the strong currents in the Atlantic Ocean can make for dangerous swimming conditions, so always be mindful in the water.

Keep an eye on small children, wear flotation devices when necessary and never try to swim against a rip tide. This strong current of water can exhaust even the best swimmer and result in a terrible situation. To break free from a rip current, swim parallel to shore until out of the current and then make your way back to shore.

Should you see anyone in distress in the water, contact authorities immediately.

Edisto Beach has no lifeguards, so all swimmers do so at their own risk.

You should also remember to stay away from the groins (the rock piles that line the beach) as the current could swimmers to get too close to these rocks, which could result in injury.

Fish Cautiously

The ocean is home to numerous forms of marine life and they undoubtedly enjoy their time in the water as much as we do. That said, if you do have a license to fish, remember to obey throw back regulations, and be mindful of swimmers if you are shore fishing.

Have an Excellent Time

Respecting the beach and the island are great ways to show your appreciation of this beautiful place in the world. Remember during your visit to always look out for Edisto so that it can be appreciated for generations to come.

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