4 Ways to Beat Vacation Blues

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There’s one terrible thing about Edisto Beach and that is this: If you’re just visiting, there is a time when you have to leave.

Heading home from vacation is nothing short of brutal. The good thing is, with these tips, you can get through your vacation blues.

Start Planning for Next Year

Planning for next summer might seem a little premature, but if you rent a place on Edisto, then chances are you are used to this process. After all, you generally get first dibs on your rental for the same week the following year so long as you let your rental company know. Therefore, planning your next vacation can help take the sting out of leaving your last trip in the past.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Whether you’re driving or flying home, go ahead and let yourself wallow in the misery that is ending a vacation. Feast upon all the photos you took, rub some aloe on your sunburn and soak up all the scenery you can before you head back home.

Bring Home Some Mementos

If you’re able, take some of Edisto home with you. Go to the markets and collect fruits and vegetables that you can only get on the island. Grab some grits to make when you get back home. Buy some t-shirts or sweatshirts with Edisto’s name emblazoned upon them.

Having some Edisto swag (or food) can make it so much easier to go home. That way when you’re home in the middle of winter you can wrap yourself in an Edisto sweatshirt and realize that your next vacation is just months away.

Turn Around and Stay

Sure, staying at the beach might not be realistic for most people, but there are lots of us who made the decision to make Edisto our lives. It’s kind of mind blowing to think of being in a world where you don’t have to say goodbye to Edisto time after time, but it’s also utterly amazing.

It means you have all the time in the world to walk the beach, see the sun set and sink into the water, and spend long days out on the boat.

OK, so staying at the beach is probably something nobody can do, but if you ever get the chance to live on the island, at least you’ll never have to worry about your vacation ending.

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