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It’s easy to remember to be thankful when spending Thanksgiving on Edisto Beach.

Every year, more and more people choose to come to the island to spend the holidays. It gives families and friends a chance to get together to share good food, good times, and, of course, football while enjoying all that the beach has to offer.

Rental properties can be had for the lowest rates of the year, so if you’ve always wanted to stay on front beach but can’t afford it during the summer months, then take advantage of the affordable prices and stuff your bird while looking out over the Atlantic.

Late November is also a great time to try staying at the campground either on the beach or on the island. Whether you rent a cabin, stay in your own RV, or pitch a tent, both campgrounds provide visitors with a unique experience. Plus, camping provides a more authentic version of what the first Thanksgiving was all about. After all, the pilgrims and Native Americans did not have all the modern conveniences to prepare their meal like we have today.

Don’t worry about chilly temperatures, either. Late November is certainly one of the cold months down here, but it’s nothing like what much of the country faces. Temperatures rarely dip below 50 during the day, although they can get down into the 30s at night.

Some of the best things to do while spending time on Edisto Beach (or the island) during the Thanksgiving holiday involve exploring some of the many parts of the island. Enjoy nature walks, canoeing, biking, and to explore some of Edisto’s historical past.

You might also want to visit the state park to walk the trails and head out to the Native American oyster midden. This collection of discarded oyster shells dates back to the time when Edisto was home to the Edistow tribe. It’s a perfect way to think back to the first Thanksgiving and recognize what contributions Native Americans had on Edisto.

Ready to make your holiday a happy one? Use our rental search to find the right vacation rental for your Thanksgiving Edisto getaway.

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