5 Ways to Get in the Edisto State of Mind

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After countless trips to Edisto Beach, any true die-hard fan of this piece of paradise knows each trip is as good as the last. Now that the summer season is here and in full throttle, it’s time to get ready for your next trip.

Take a look at this list to see if you’re prepared for another exquisite trip to the beach.

Forget About the Rest of the World

As soon as you cross the bridge and enter the world of Edisto, it’s time to forget about everything else. Yes, it’s hard to break the addiction to phones and wifi, but it’s heavenly to fully immerse yourself in the island.

Remember when you would visit during the 90s and there was no internet on the island? Pretend it’s like that again and live in the moment.

Pack Lightly

Year after year, coming to the beach is something people get so excited about that they tend to pack all sorts of things. But then when they arrive, these same people realize that the beach has one real uniform and that is this: casual.

A swimsuit cover up, sandals and some comfortable clothes go a long way. So unless you want to get dressed up and walk around in extreme humidity in your fancy clothes, skip overpacking and just bring the essentials.

Plus, if you forget anything, you can always pick it up at one of the gift shops in town.

Try Something New

For many that travel to Edisto, the word “new” can be offensive. However, it’s amazing what you can discover if you do try to do something new on the island.

Visit the Serpentarium or the Environmental Learning Center to learn some more about the wildlife critters on the island. Explore some of the nature trails that are a part of the Edisto Beach State Park.

Travel down some of the island’s roads and appreciate the beauty that can be found off the beach.

You might also try and scope out the Edisto Museum to learn about how great this place has always been.

Explore the Night Life

Whaley’s is the general go-to spot for locals and visitors alike, but if you haven’t ever gone out on Edisto Beach, they’re you’re missing out.

The Dockside Bar is excellent and has views of Big Bay Creek, plus it’s been around so long it’s basically an Edisto staple.

Make the Most Out of Every Minute

As always, anyone who loves Edisto knows that no matter what you do, you’re going to have the best time imaginable.

Whatever you do during your trip, just remember to soak up each day and breathe deeply knowing you’re at the beach.

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