Edisto for Teens: Escaping the Family Vacation

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There’s a time when going on a family vacation is more of a punishment than a treat. That time generally happens between ages 14 and about 20. But as anyone who’s vacationed on Edisto since birth can tell you, there’s still a lot of fun to be had even if your parents and extended family are determined to remind you that you’re related to them.

So, here’s what to do on Edisto during that time when you’re not quite a kid and not an adult….and unless your parents are extremely overprotective like mine were (are) then you’ll be able to do all of these things without even lying (wink, wink).

Walk, walk, and walk some more

Go for a lot of walks. Sure, that seems boring, but if you can’t drive yet, then it’s all there is to do. Walking down to the shops on Jungle Road is what every tween and teen on the island does. Plus, you might even make a lifelong friend with a local (and if that happens then be prepared – the locals know everything there is to know about having fun on Edisto, but you’ll have to meet one for yourself to find out what that is).

While these walks may seem aimless, you can always stop for a snow cone or ice cream and run into other tweens and teens getting away from their families as well.

Bingo (seriously)

In today’s day and age when online activities seem to trump virtually everything else, Edisto likes to keep it old school with Bingo nights. People of all ages line up for blocks to get into the Lions Club and play a few rounds of Bingo. While waiting in line hit up the concession stand and have some snacks because it’s a long wait and it gets really hot out there. The best part is that you can actually win prizes while playing Bingo. Plus, you can probably even check-in on Foursquare so that all your buddies back home know you’re have some olden day fun on Edisto Beach.

Bingo begins at 8 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursdays from June 6 to August 8 at the Lions Club located at 2907 Myrtle Street.

Beach Games

Playing in the ocean never gets old. It doesn’t matter how old you are, it is always fun to get out there in the water and have a blast. Hanging out on the beach without getting in the water is almost as fun. After all, there are plenty of games to play in the sand from bocce ball to volley ball. Sometimes even flying a kite can be a fun thing to do on the beach (trust me, it’s not the same when you do it with your Wii).

Adventures in the Ocean

Many different groups offer kayak trips in the creeks for beginners. These trips give you the chance to really see just how unique the beach community of Edisto really is. Plus, the dolphins like to poke their heads up right next to kayakers so that you really get an up close and personal view of these amazing creatures.

Cruisin’ Jungle Road

If you’re old enough to drive, but not allowed to take the car, talk the parents into renting a golf cart. That way, you’ll have wheels and a way to zip around the side streets with friends. Try taking the cart down to the Island Videos or to the RedBox by the Piggly Wiggly for something to do.

Not old enough for a license? Get a tandem bike from Edisto Essentials and pedal the bike path – just remember that if you get to laughing too hard on a tandem bike you might tip over.

Making Memories

So that’s what there is to do on Edisto Beach if you’re in that in-between age. Sure, things change some as you get older and are allowed to get into some of the bars and clubs in Charleston prior to turning 21, but there’s no point in letting age ruin the fun times. Remember that Edisto memories last a lifetime so make your vacation a blast by having a good time no matter what you find to do.


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