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There are places on Edisto Island that locals and visitors flock to every chance they get. Main’s Market is one of those places, but by the end of April, it will be gone.

This market, restaurant, and nursery will close by the end of April as the lease on the property was not renewed. Another business that has yet to be disclosed will take over the property.

Owner of Main’s Market, Larry Main, has yet to find a new location for his business.

While this iconic Edisto landmark will remain under a new name, it will never be the same.

For years, families have gone to Main’s Market for some of the best home cooked southern food around and to shop for the gifts and knick knacks available for purchase. Plus, Main’s Market provided locals and visitors with a place to go for breakfast when all of the restaurants on the beach were packed.

In addition to Main’s Market leaving the property, Animal Lovers of Edisto K9 Rescue will also have to leave the property.

For years Larry Main allowed the rescue group to set up kennels on the land so that stray and abandoned dogs could have shelter until they found a forever home. However, the landlord of the property said that the rescue group has to get off the land by the end of April as well.

Currently, the group has two adult dogs and three puppies living at the kennels. Thankfully, a member of the Edisto community has offered a place for the rescue group to go, so these dogs can continue to be provided for by the group’s volunteers.

However, the move will difficult as all kennels have to be dismantled and then reassembled on the new property. In addition, the dogs will be temporarily displaced while waiting to get back into their re-built homes.

The group is planning a moving day in the near future, but has not yet set a date. Donations and manual labor help are greatly needed. Donations can be sent via check to Animal Lovers of Edisto K9 Rescue, 514 Jungle Road, Edisto Island, SC 29438 or can be made online at Call 843-869-3869 or email for more information about the moving of the kennels or to adopt a dog.

As for Main’s Market, hopefully it will resurface somewhere else on the island so that its tradition can live on.

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