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edistobeachThere’s a saying on Edisto Beach that goes like this: ‘If you’re lucky enough to be on Edisto Beach then you’re lucky enough.’

That statement is true in and of itself, but there’s just one little thing about this place that can be a little daunting to some: It’s a tad expensive. Sure, compared to many beaches it is one of the most affordable places around, but who doesn’t want to save money nowadays? Here are some of the easiest ways to save money any time of year while vacationing on Edisto.

Take advantage of the beach life

Some of the most fun I’ve ever had on Edisto Beach has been in the water doing nothing more than swimming and riding waves. It’s free, accessible, and is there all day every day. During low tide you can go out there with a tube to kick back and relax. Just don’t fall asleep or you might wake up to find yourself starring in your own little version of Castaway.

Kayaking is another way to get out on the water. It’s not free unless you know someone willing to let you borrow a kayak, but out at Wilkinson’s Landing (843-609-7102) it’s just $25 to rent one for three hours. And it’s totally worth it. You’ll get to paddle around Frampton Inlet and can even make your way to Shell Island before heading back in.

Eat out without breaking the bank

Nobody wants to cook every night while on vacation, but eating out can be so expensive. However, for under $10 a plate, you can go for the all-you-can-eat special at Po Pigs Bo-B-Q out by the EZ Shop Horizon at 2410 State Highway 174.

An even cheaper option is the Domino’s pizza located in the EZ Shop right next to Po Pigs. This is the most affordable pizza in the area, so it is definitely worth the drive up there to get it.

Stay in on a rainy day

Thankfully it is sunny plenty of the time throughout the summer here at the beach, but sometimes it does rain. Take advantage of the indoor time and rent a movie from the RedBox at the Piggly Wiggly or the other video rental machine inside the Horizon across from the Pavilion.

Another option is to play a game in the house. Many of the homes on Edisto store games and puzzles just for this reason. Plus, it gives families a chance to play together without being online.

If you’re lucky enough to be on Edisto…

If you get down to Edisto and wind up spending too much money, don’t sweat it. After all, overspending is a small price to pay to be on Edisto Beach.

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